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Read the passage and answer the questions:
The Smith family has got three children. One girl and two boys.
The boys’ names are James and Jonathan. The girl’s name is
Judy. James is twelve years old. Jonathan is ten years old, and
Judy is eight. So, Judy is the youngest of all. Jonathan is taller
than James. James is taller than Judy. So, Judy is the shortest of
all siblings. Jonathan is fatter than Judy. Judy is fatter than
James. So, Jonathan is the fattest of all. They like playing
together, and they like animals, too. Jonathan’s favorite animal is
whale. Whale is the biggest mammal in the world. James’s
favorite animal is giraffe. Giraffe is the tallest animal in the world.
Judy’s favorite animal is elephant. Elephant is the biggest land
animal in the world. They love animals and they protect them.

1. Who is the oldest child in the family?
2. Who is younger than Jonathan?
3. Who is the thinnest child?
4. Who is the fattest?
5. What is the biggest mammal in the world?

What is the biggest land animal in the world? .6. Is Judy’s favorite animal giraffe? 7.