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1. Read the following text and answer the questions (citeste textul urmator si raspunde
la intrebari):
My name is Francesca. My favourite actor is Leonardo Di Caprio. He was born in Los
Angeles, California, on 11 November 1974. He is 1 metre 84, so he is tall. He has got
blue eyes and short fair hair. His favourite food is pasta. I saw him in “Titanic” and
“Romeo and Juliet”. I like him because he is a good actor.
When I finish school I dream to go to the USA and meet him one day and also become
an actress at Hollywood. When I get there I would like to meet Julia Roberts, Johnny
Depp, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Martina Stoessel.
Martina Stoessel plays the role of Violetta, who is a bright girl, full of life, but also
solitary and overprotected by her father. Although she still doesn’t know it, she has a
unique voice, legacy from her mother. From her father she inherited a love of books and
a superior intelligence. Violetta is spontaneous and sincere and she speaks her mind.
She’s just trying to find her place in the world.

What is the girl’s name?
Who is her favourite actor?
Where was he born?
When was he born?
How tall is he?
What is the colour of his eyes?

7. What is his favourite food?
8. Why does she like him?
9. Who is Martina Stoessel?
10. What is unique about Violetta?
11. Where does she have this gift from?
12. What does she have from her father?

2. Write a similar text about your favourite actor/actress (Scrie un text asemanator
despre actorul tau preferat /actrita ta preferata).
3. Put the following sentences in the present simple or present continuous (Pune
propozitiile urmatoare la present simple sau present continuous):
a. Look! He ... (leave) the house.
f. He often .... (go) to the cinema.
b. Quiet please! I ... (write) a test.
g. We ... (play) Monopoly at the
c. She usually ... (walk) to school.
h. The child seldom ... (cry) at night.
d. But look! Today she ... (go) by bike.
i. I ... (not do) anything at the
e. Every Sunday we ... (go) to see my grandparents.
j. ... he .... (watch) the news
4. Put the following sentences in the interrogative (Pune urmatoarele propozitii la forma
a. This is Mark.
b. He is wearing a t-shirt and shorts today.
now she is wearing
c. He is eating an apple at the moment.
d. Mark likes fruits and vegetables.
e. He eats some every day.
and Thursday.

f. Caroline has blonde hair.
g. She usually wears glasses, but
contact lenses.
h. She likes sports.
i. She plays handball very Monday
j. She has long blonde hair.

5. Unit 3. Exercise D. Read the story and answer the following questions (Citeste
povestea si raspunde la intrebari):
a. Which month was it?

What is the dog’s name? d. What’s the dog’s favourite food? e. Complete the gaps in the text. What are the names of the people in the story? c. (Completeaza spatiile goale din text). Which is your favourite character? 6. .b.

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