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TED talks

James Veitch

1. spam email ___
2. proposal ___
3. to hover ___
4. to intrigue ___
5. afoot ___
6. to distribute ___
7. to deal with ___
8. worth ___
9. to handle ___
10. capability ___
11. shipment ___
12. hedge fund ___
13. executive ___
14. board ___
15. commission ___
16. real estate ___
17. to tug ___
18. nugget ___
19. albeit ___
20. hitherto ___
21. to concoct ___
22. lizard ___
23. to backpedal ___
24. legitimate ___
25. deputy ___

a. a financial organization that invests money that has a

high risk of being lost but which may make a very
large profit
b. food in the shape of a small lump
c. used for saying how rich someone is
d. the ability to do something
e. the process of taking goods from one place to another;
an amount of goods carried on a ship, plane, train, or
f. plan or suggestion, especially a formal one that a
group has to consider; the act of making a formal plan
or suggestion
g. unwanted, junk email
h. someone whose job is the second most important in a
department or organization, and who takes the
responsibilities of the most important person in some
i. a small animal with a long tail and rough skin that
lives mainly in hot places; a reptile
j. a senior manager in a business or other organization
k. being planned, or starting to happen
l. used for introducing a comment that slightly changes
or reduces the effect of what you said before it
m. to keep itself in the same position in the air; to stay
somewhere because you are waiting to do something
or because you cannot decide what to do
n. land and the buildings on it
o. fair and reasonable; allowed by the law, or correct
according to the law
p. to make someone very interested in knowing more
about something, especially something that seems
q. to pull someone or something by making a short
strong movement
r. until the present time
s. to give something such as food, clothes, or money to a
group of people, especially so that each person gets an
equal share
t. to show that you are no longer certain about a
previous opinion, intention, or promise
u. to take action in order to deal with a difficult situation
v. the most important people in a company, who make
decisions about the way that the company is managed
w. to take action to do something, especially to solve a
x. an extra amount of money that you earn in your job
every time you sell a product or get a new customer

TED talks
James Veitch

y. to invent a false explanation or false information,

especially for a dishonest purpose