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Assignment #2–

Constructivist Lesson Plan
Heather Woodland
University of British Columbia
Word Count: 456

Author Note
This paper was prepared for ETEC 530, Section 65B, taught by Instructor Diane Janes.

. this is partially explained by the length of time engaged in these parts.Create ‘explore’ opportunities. POE and CCM models are included.Identify learners view and Stage 2 . Collaboration. Stage 2 elicitation.Reflection How does my lesson incorporate constructivism? In order to establish the constructivist elements that I have incorporated into my lesson. The third and fourth parts of the lesson (named C & D) are most rich in satisfying the criteria. X ✔ ✔ ✔ Allows student to engage in meaningful information and idea sharing. CCM Stage 1 . POE Prediction.Support attempts to rethink/ restructure X X ✔ ✔ Allows student to review concept(s) presented.Observation. CIM Stage 3 Restructure Ideas. CIM Stage 5 . CCM Stage 2 . what the table shows is that throughout the lesson's four parts all stages of the CIM. make predictions. Criteria Constructivist Model link Lesson Lesson Part A Part B Lesson Part C Lesson Part D Allows student to share prior knowledge CIM Stage 1 orientation. CCM Stage 4 . as students spend more time constructing and participating in these parts. the table below contains my assessment of the lesson. POE Explanation. POE . ✔ ✔Create ‘explore’ opportun ities X X Allows student to construct knowledge through exposure to relevant information CIM Stage 3 Restructure Ideas.Observation.   2   Constructivist Lesson Plan . CCM Stage 3 Provide stimuli. ✔ X ✔ ✔ Allows student to present acquired knowledge to others.Review X X ✔ ✔ Essentially. make predictions. CIM Stage 4 Application. POE .Create ‘explore’ opportunities. However.

In revising this unit plan into a one-hour lesson. I was interested to see if I could successfully move the lesson from a blended learning environment to a fully online version of the same lesson. so this revised version of the lesson meant a major reduction in activities. Considering what is displayed above in my self-assessment table.   3   How is my lesson different from its original version? My original lesson plan is a unit plan. I was looking to create a new similar lesson without losing some of the important understandings and concepts. The unit plan for my original lesson is contained on the home page of my UBC blog http://blogs. I wanted to see to what extent I could utilize what I learned about constructivism in E-learning and applied that to the environment and activities that I create for the lesson. . I think that I have been quite successful in achieving what I set out to do.ubc. hello-world/.