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(/Dhisti Desai/people­with­







The first kiss is such an important moment for a boy and a girl. Especially when you’ve told
her you are an amazing kisser. Well, boys if you have already been amazing kissers it doesn’t
really hurt to know if you are right or not through this article and for those who aren’t the
experts here are some tips you can follow and she will never forget her best kiss ever!

1.) It is important for you to READ THE SIGNS.­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list


If a girl is really into you and she’s anticipating a kiss she’d insist you drop her home.  http://www. then let the second kiss be more passionate.gif) The most important thing is reading the girl’s mind and her body at the same time. envelope your lips between hers.  Source (http://33.gif) Now you’re going in for the kiss.  2.tumblr. She would be fidgeting with her keys or her purse. which she will. by your expressions or just plain These small hints indicate something and trying figuring out what she really wants by paying attention. The worst type of a kiss is when a man doesn’t even consider how the woman’s feeling and just forces a kiss on  Source (­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list 2/12 . If she smiles and leans forward.  3. Tease her lips. Some women absolutely hate it. Her palms would be getting sweaty. she would be biting her lips way too much. breathe a little and touch her cheeks! Now that your lips have touched hers don’t plunge in that tongue of yours and moan.) Look right into her eyes. sink in.) Give her a heads up. taste her and retreat leaving her surprised. my man. Why do you think we love romantic movies so much? We love it when a guy asks permission not verbally but when he begins descending towards the girl slowly and seeing if she’s backing up. Patience is your virtue.04/05/2015 Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss Source (http://media.) Wait for her to respond Move your finger over her cheek and just look at her with passion and she’ll FEATURED surely melt in your hands.  (/dbs.(­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list 3/12 .com/authordhisti) ( (https://twitter. when you give her a timeout to breathe don’t look away.) Being gentle will leave her wanting for more of (/ARTICLES/BUSINESSPOLITICS) Oh! this is the best feeling in the world.  (/dbs.good) 8 Bizarre Things… On The Intern (/… every-girl-has-d… on-internet) BUSINESS & POLITICS Source (http://media2. See if your kiss has hit her like a drug.good/… hoaxes) http://www.php?u=http://www.giphy. LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLES/LIFESTYLE) While thin well maintained girls like the waist to be text=8+Tips+Every+Guy+Should+Follow+To+Nail+A+%27Perfect+First+Kiss%27%21&url=http://www.) Bring on a genuine smile while kissing.04/05/2015 Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss Source (http://tvrecappersanonymous. Maintain the little space between you both and look into her crushed and held.for.  (/dwyeothebook) Desai/tips-every-guy-should-followSource (http://media1.  (/Dhisti Desai) 8 Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A 'Perfect First Kiss'! Dhisti (/Dhisti Desai) 11 Traits Every … Possesses (/dwy… successfulperson) LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLES/LIFESTYLE) ( heathy and slightly fat girls feel uncomfortable when their love handles are 11 Signs That Y… Desai/tips-every-guy-should-follow-to-nail-a-perfect-first-kiss&via=authordhisti) noticed.files.gif) to-nail-a-perfect-first-kiss) (/dwyeothebook) Touching the waist is an importantTwitter move. When a man is kissing a woman and he smiles a little because of which his teeth nibble her lower FOLLOW Facebook (http://www.thatscoop.thatscoop.) Hold her waist lightly. Touching her waist is a must but for the thin women you can hold her lower Individual (/dw… waist strong-headedand pull her closer to you and for the slightly heavy girls remember to hold her upper waist individual) where its tiny and it will make her feel delicate in your arms!  LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLES/LIFESTYLE) During the process of kissing.good) 8 Mobile Hoaxe… (/dbs. She will surely smile back too leaving a connection between the two of you and it will send sparks up your spine when she blushes that way.for.wordpress.

com/Dhisti%20Desai/tips­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list + 4/12 . ‘How do you think women loved being kissed?’ and she’ll tell you exactly what she wants.) Don’t be a know it all. Sometimes you can even ask her casually. saliva sharing.Relationship (/Searc h?Txt=Relationship). The first kiss has to be gentle. Don’t be know it all’ Now with social media and things like that every girl shows a guy a glimpse of how she’d want to be kissed.Tongue (/Search? Txt=Tongue) Facebook Twitter (http://www. If the girl is wild she will take control and you’ll know what kind of a kisser she likes but if you go wild first and she likes it gentle.  Source (http://cdn3www.Love (/Sear  CLICK TO VIEW AS LIST (/DHISTI DESAI/TIPS-EVERY-GUY-SHOULD-FOLLOW-TO-NAIL-A-PERFECT-FIRST-KISS/LIST)  CLICK TO VIEW AS SLIDESHOW (/DHISTI ch?Txt=Love).com/intent/tweet? u=http://www.gif) Boys listen up.04/05/2015 Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss hoaxes) TECH (/ARTICLES/TECH) (/dbs.thatscoop. she will be disappointed! Desai/tips­every­guy­ should­follow­to­nail­a­ perfect­first­ http://www. ‘Screw the others’ Like Share 13k TAGS KissDESAI/TIPS-EVERY-GUY-SHOULD-FOLLOW-T (/Search?Txt=Kiss).Lovemaking (/Search?Txt=Lovemaking) Be willing to learn and listen to the way she wants to be text=8 Tips Every Guy Desai/tips­every­guy­ Should Follow To Nail should­follow­to­nail­a­ A 'Perfect First perfect­first­kiss) Kiss'!&url=http://www.good) 7 Unbelievably … Has Experience … scams) Source (http://media.php? (https://twitter.gif) Most men while kissing want to show what passionate creatures they are so they always love to kiss the wild.thatscoop.for. tongue fighting way.Tips (/S earch?Txt=Tips).

com (http://auto.jpg&utm_term=thatscoop&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=cpc) (­astrology­reading/?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral) (­story­part1? utm_source=taboolacontentpromotion&utm_medium=jayviruarticlepromotion&utm_campaign=storypart1&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=thatscoop) Why Your Friend is Richer Than You! My Universe (https://www..html?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=thatscoop) 12 Simple Ways to Be More Attractive TenetNews. India ain't no pocket lips fo that... 2014 at 5:27pm Iñdrãdëêp Bösê ·  Follow Let your first kiss be­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list 5/12 .com/hairlossprotocol/?aff=1169&sub=taaHLP­ROW­desk&utm_medium=thatscoop) (http://auto. Nirma Dhisti for #6 you have used James Deen 's image.04/05/2015 Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss kiss&via=authordhisti) 8 comments   Add a comment Amar Girdhar ·  Follow ·  University · 140 followers  Top Commenter · Institute of­astrology­reading/?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral) The Most Accurate Horoscopes For 2015 Sara-Freder (­maruti­hyundai­and­honda­cars­game­of­thrones­style­601727?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=thatscoop) (­ROW­desk&utm_medium=thatscoop) Unique Method Regrows Lost Hair (Do This Daily) Hair Loss Protocol eBook (­story­part1? utm_source=taboolacontentpromotion&utm_medium=jayviruarticlepromotion&utm_campaign=storypart1&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=thatscoop) (http://www. Game of Thrones Style auto.goodtips4life. He is not famous for holding lightly. Your partner will let ya know what she likes or what she doesn't.thatscoop. Nobody is perfect and a first timer need to learn from his experiences :p :p :p Reply · Like ·  2  · Follow Post · April 14 at 12:30pm Subash Barik i have never kissed :( Reply · Like · Follow Post · March 17 at 10:47am Naman Bansal ·  Follow ·   Top Commenter · Reply · Like · Follow Post · February 17 at 3:44pm View 2 more Facebook social plugin Knee Pain Treatment Suffering from Knee Pain? Get Best Knee Pain Treatment @ Home _medium=bytaboola&taboola_utm_content=thumbnails­a:Below Article Thumbnails:) _medium=bytaboola&taboola_utm_content=thumbnails­a:Below Article Thumbnails:) YOU MAY LIKE (https://www. Reply · Like ·  Ajiu Hudson ·  1  · March 25 at 3:31pm Follow · Boss at Procrastinators Cant grab her Butt? :D Reply · Like · Follow Post · March 13 at 2:03am Sarthak 〤 〤 Tripathy · HANSRAJ­top­exercises­to­increase­height/?utm_campaign=TB­heightexercises­ height6.ndtv. Hyundai & Honda Cars.goodtips4life. DELHI UNIVERSITY I should get a medal for kissing.php/15­top­exercises­to­increase­height/?utm_campaign=TB­heightexercises­­maruti­hyundai­and­honda­cars­game­of­thrones­style­601727?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=thatscoop) Upcoming Maruti.jpg&utm_term=thatscoop&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=cpc) 15 Top Exercises to Increase Height GoodTips4Life (http://www. :P Reply · Like ·  14  · Follow Post · December­to­be­attractive_54.

tips/have­we­all­been­blind­to­the­truth­about­good­vision/? t202id=121638&lpv=93963&ftr=047&utm_source=tab&utm_medium=thatscoop&utm_term=You+Can+Improve+Your+Eyesight+Without+Glasses+%28Or+Surgery%21%29&utm_content=http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.html? utm_source=Taboola&utm_medium=CPC&utm_content=BabyhugzBath&utm_campaign=BlogPromo&utm_term=thatscoop) (­down­here­are­12­ways­you­can­feel­better­instantly/?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral) RELATED POST HUMOR (/ARTICLE/HUMOR) (/harsh.html? utm_source=Taboola&utm_medium=CPC&utm_content=BabyhugzBath&utm_campaign=BlogPromo&utm_term=thatscoop) Choose the Right Bathing Gel or Soap for a Baby Babyhugz (https://www.pawar) things-women-take-for- LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLE/LIFE-STYLE) (/­we­all­been­blind­to­the­truth­about­good­vision/? t202id=121638&lpv=93963&ftr=047&utm_source=tab&utm_medium=thatscoop&utm_term=You+Can+Improve+Your+Eyesight+Without+Glasses+%28Or+Surgery%21%29&utm_content=http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.pawar/10­things­women­take­for­granted­when­it­ comes­to­men­1329) Harsh Pawar (/Harsh.tenetnews. Contact Now!­transform­your­body/?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=taboola­health­low) (http://smartlife.html?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=thatscoop) (https://www. Enter Email ID 24x7 Elderly Home Care SUBSCRIBE Medically Trained.taboolasyndicati You Can Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses (Or Surgery!) Restore My Vision ( (http://goweloveit.pawar/10(/harsh.taboolasyndicati (­down­here­are­12­ways­you­can­feel­better­instantly/?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral) Feeling Down? Here Are 12 Ways You Can Feel Better Instantly GoWeLoveIt.Anubhav) 15 Ways To Win a Girl's Heart Without Digging Deep Into Your Pocket (/Jayanti.Anubhav/ways­to­win­a­girls­heart) Jayanti Anubhav (/­shampoos­body­­to­be­­shampoos­body­wash.04/05/2015 Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss (http://www.Pawar) 10 Things Women Take For Granted When It Comes To Men (/harsh.Anubhav/ways-to- Like what you see? Then why you no subscribe!! Maa Kasam We won't spam.Anubhav) (/­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list 6/12­transform­your­body/?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=taboola­health­low) 7 Exercises to Get Fit Fast and Transform Your Body Womanitely (http://womanitely. Certified Nurses Book Home Visit.

com/+Thatscoop/posts) ( ( (http://www.tumblr.stumbleupon.pinterest.04/05/2015 Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss POST AN ARTICLE (/CREATE_ARTICLE) SUBMIT A VIDEO (/ARTICLES/POSTVIDEO) SUBMIT AN EXTERNAL LINK (/EXTERNAL_LINK) SUBMIT ULLOWS MESSAGE (/ULLOW) FOLLOW THATSCOOP ( Like what you see? Then why you no subscribe!! Maa Kasam­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list 7/12 .com/) (http://www.facebook. Enter Email ID SUBSCRIBE (https://twitter.thatscoop.

com/Dhisti%20Desai/tips­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list 8/12 .thatscoop.04/05/2015 Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss http://www.

com/Dhisti%20Desai/tips­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list 9/12 .thatscoop.04/05/2015 Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss http://www.

com/Dhisti%20Desai/tips­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLE/LIFE-STYLE) 10/12 .paranjape) (/harsh.thatscoop.pawar/qualities­in­a­woman) Harsh Pawar (/Harsh.Paranjape) This Mind Reader From Brussels Will LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLE/LIFE-STYLE) (/harsh.pawar) Make Any Guy Fall For Involuntarily Do INSPIRATIONAL (/ARTICLE/INSPIRATIONAL) http://www.paranjape/things­girls­involuntarily­do­in­ love) Priyanka Paranjape (/Priyanka.Pawar) 9 Qualities In A Woman Which Will (/jackandjill) LITERALLY make you 8 Things Girls (/priyanka.04/05/2015 LATEST Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss TRENDING MOST POPULAR LATEST SCOOP TRENDING MOST POPULAR LATEST SCOOP TRENDING MOST POPULAR LATEST SCOOP TRENDING MOST POPULAR RANDOM (/ARTICLE/RANDOM) (/jackandjill/mind­reader­from­brussels) Jackandjill (/Jackandjill) LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLE/LIFE-STYLE) (/priyanka.

Gpatil) Annie Kaur Sobti (/Annie. Enter Email ID SCOOP (/ARTICLE) VIDEO (/VIDEO) Animal Animals (/Article/Animal) (/Video/Animals) MORE About Thatscoop (/About) SUBSCRIBE ULLOW (/ULLOW) http://www.gpatil) LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLE/LIFE-STYLE) INSPIRATIONAL (/ARTICLE/INSPIRATIONAL) (/harsh.pawar/qualities­in­a­woman) Harsh Pawar (/Harsh.kaur.04/05/2015 Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss (/shanbhag.vikrant) (/Dhisti Desai) INSPIRATIONAL (/ARTICLE/INSPIRATIONAL) LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLE/LIFE-STYLE) (/Dhisti Desai/things­straight­forward­people) Dhisti (/Dhisti Desai) 9 Things Only Straightforward (/Dhisti Desai) People Will LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLE/LIFE-STYLE) (/annie. (/Dhisti Desai/tips­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­ perfect­first­kiss) Dhisti (/Dhisti Desai) 8 Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail (/Dhisti Desai) A 'Perfect First Kiss'! LOAD MORE ARTICLES Like what you see? Then why you no subscribe!! Maa Kasam We won't spam.108) They Way This Delhi 10 Bang On Signs That She Secretly Likes You Gurudwara Sends (/annie.kaur.vikrant/good­guys) Shraddha Acharya (/Shraddhayuki) Vikrant Shanbhag (/Shanbhag.gpatil/nepal­help­delhipedia) Samruddhi Patil (/­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list 11/12 .108/secretly­likes­you) (/samruddhi.Kaur.vikrant) Lane In The Night.Vikrant) (/Dhisti Desai/tips­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­ perfect­first­kiss) Dhisti (/Dhisti Desai) Emotions Make Us 8 Tips Every Guy Humans.pawar) LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLE/LIFE-STYLE) (/Shraddhayuki/signs­you­not­a­girly­girl) (/shanbhag.Pawar) 9 Qualities In A Woman Which Will (/harsh.thatscoop.vikrant/give­adopt­wisely) LIFE STYLE (/ARTICLE/LIFE-STYLE) Vikrant Shanbhag (/Shanbhag.108) (/samruddhi. Denying Should Follow To Nail (/shanbhag.Vikrant) 8 Signs That Show She Was Chased By That You Are Not A (/Shraddhayuki) Him In A Lonely Dark Conventionally Girly (/shanbhag.

com/Dhisti%20Desai/tips­every­guy­should­follow­to­nail­a­perfect­first­kiss/list 12/12 .(/Video/Animation) (/Contact) Politics) Cars (/Video/Cars) Terms & Entertainment Funny Conditions (/Article/Entertainment) (/Video/Funny) (/TermsFashion Inspirational Conditions) (/Article/Fashion) (/Video/Inspirational) DMCA (/Dmca) Food Pranks Advertise With Us (/Article/Food) (/Video/Pranks) (/Advertise) Humor Random Privacy Poilcy (/Article/Humor) (/Video/Random) (/Privacy) Life Style Sports FAQ's (/Faq) (/Article/Life-Style) (/Video/Sports) Sport Standup (/Article/Sport) (/Video/Standup) Tech (/Article/Tech) Travel (/Article/Travel) World Wide Weird (/Article/WorldWide-Weird) http://www.04/05/2015 Lifestyle Articles Of Tips Every Guy Should Follow To Nail A Perfect First Kiss Business & Politics Animation Contact Us (/Article/Business.thatscoop.