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Est Dolor Nostra Victoria

Pain is our victory.

Dear reader,

As the biggest society in the college of St Johns in Durham, I can say that going out and
doing our best in a boat emblazoned with St Johns College down one side, in the
knowledge that we row for our institution together as one is one of the most
memorable experiences in our life.

Fundamentally, this club is for rowing. To know what it is like to square up against
another boat, to push through to the end of a long erg, and to feel the pain or pleasure
at winning or losing within the sport is a unique experience.

Our unique experience presents a unique commercial opportunity for those who choose
to take it. We can offer sponsors or donors publicity in many forms, attention
throughout the country and a market within the Club and nearby area for those who
want one.

Together, we can work towards mutual benefit, achieve our goals and I can guarantee
that there is no other group of people that will push as hard, or work as hard for both of
our ambitions to be satisfied. To strike a similarity between with what happens in a boat
and the relationship that can be forged between our club and those reading this, I
present a small quote that touched me when I started rowing.

"In no other sport is the word TEAM so meaningful as in rowing. Together in a shell,
eight oars and eight sliding seats act as bindings - stroke to seven, seven to six, six to
five... all the way to the bow. One rower's demon haunts the entire boat; perfection in
one oarsman means nothing. A set boat and solid row is achieved solely when eight
minds think identically, eight bodies melt together to form one machine.

It's about going out there to do your very best, to give it your all, to have nothing left.
It's about supporting your teammates, pulling for them when you have all but lost faith
in yourself.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading our sponsorship proposal.

Sebastien de la Fuente,
Captain of Boats,
President of the Boat Club


St Johns College Boat Club was founded in 1909; it was one of the first college clubs in Durham.
Though attached to one of the smallest colleges in Durham, the club has recently expanded and
currently has nearly a hundred members; with nearly seventy training for top boats while some
twenty others (mostly local alumni) help with coaching and the day to day running of the club.
SJCBC is one of the most autonomous clubs in Durham. With oversight from its Governing
Board, it is almost entirely run by volunteering members. It is affiliated with St Johns College
and St Johns College Junior Common Room, both of which have seats on the Board, but the
clubs members have the ultimate say on how the club is run.
Over the last year alone we won at York Regatta, Hexham Regatta and Durham Regatta, and
reached the finals in many other regattas around the country. At Durham Regatta last year, our
fastest ever VIII won the second division of the Championship 8s. We also compete at Womens
Head of the River Race and the Head of the River Race in London, and have previously competed
at large national regattas such as Henley. This year, we aim to send our top crews down to
qualification at Henley Womens Regatta, and perhaps Henley Royal Regatta. We have big
ambitions to compete at more top-level events.
Our novice-training program has become the envy of other colleges on the river, winning 3
times in the last 5 years in the Novice Cup on the Wear. In an act that demonstrates the great
spirit of the club, almost all senior members give their time to coach novices. The result of this is
clear; last year we won 3 of the 4 trophies and made up over three quarters of the semifinalists.
This year, our Boat Club retained both Plates in the competition. .
This year, the club is going to be trialing a new structure to rowing this year, with the aim of
improving the experience for everyone. Weve launched a Casual Squad and a Performance
squad to go alongside our usual Mens and Womens squad, so that all levels of ability and
interest can be served.

Our Executive Committee is chaired by a Captain of Boats and has two Vice Captains (one mens
and womens) a Captain of Coxes and a Head Coach under him/her. All of who are responsible
for the running of their respective squads. There is also a Treasurer, Secretary, Boatman, a
Health and Safety officer and a social secretary.

We are the largest club in St Johns College and as such, we have the largest and best social
events. With a both a Michaelmas and end of year dinner, and many post race and interclub
evenings. Our Alumni Society, The Regatta Blue Club has 50 active members and a mailing list of
several hundred members. We are looking forward to organize events for them over the coming
year, including a headline event at Durham Regatta involving former Olympic and Cambridge
Rower, John Pritchard.


Having expanded to almost double our original size over four years, we now have a
decent base of intermediate rowers. This has resulted in an ageing fleet, and a lack of
resources that the club can utilize.
We are now one of the biggest clubs in Durham, but lack the facilities to effectively run
the Boat Club at its full potential.
Our fleet comprises of 2 eights, 3 fiberglass fours and 2 wooden fours and an ageing
double, which is sadly no longer to racing standard anymore.
In light of this, we are seeking sponsorship to help us fund high-level training and
coaching for our squads, and to upgrade the fleet.

We can offer a sponsor:

Branding on all our boats, oars, website, Facebook pages, training and racing kit.
Our boats and kit are competed in at National and Regional Events, and with
over 200 pieces sold a year we are a big presence in Durham and the many
regattas and races we attend around the country.

Boat Club Events branding and association at all our Dinners and Social Events,
both for current and Alumni members. This includes events held at events such
as Durham Regatta, and any Alumni Events that we host in London.

Recruitment fairs and Workshops; the Club can provide members to participate
(and organize if applicable) any of the sponsors events

Naming Rights for new boats

Opportunities to use Boat Club facilities, including facilities in St Johns College
and at our boathouse by the river.

Your logo and contact details on our website, as an official partner

Your logo, contact details and a monthly sponsored message on our widely
used and visited Facebook page. Our website gets hundreds of views a week,
and posts on our Facebook page see several thousand views.

We are seeking sponsorship in the region of 4000 pounds a year, although this number
is very much negotiable. This will accelerate our plans to become one of the best clubs
in the region.
This amount will primarily be used for replacing and refurbishing equipment, so that all
of our squads have functioning boats, oars, electronics and training tools.
We would also greatly appreciate any one off donation.
Following is a basic idea of the equipment that we would seek, depending on the
possible financing, to purchase.

A racing VIII (18,000) weighted for our womens and a lightweight mens
squads. This will be used for our top crews who race around the country.

A racing IV/quad (8,000), so more than 3 boats can race at events and we can
develop our sculling ability.

A lightweight single (3000) so our lighter rowers can learn to scull.

A set of 8 Concept2 Fat2 blades for our top racing VIIIs (3000)

New sculling blades (1200).

A set of 3 new ergo machines for training (1200)

New cox boxes so all our boats can have amplification in them (1000)











St Johns College Boat Club

3 South Bailey Durham Co. Durham DH1 3RJ