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Bachcha Babu Mandal

1st Year MBA (Banking Services)
Sharda University

It was launched on 15th July.SKILL INDIA PROGARM Skill India is an initiative of the government of India. 2015 for skill development in youth all over India by honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narender Modi. Skill India program is totally based on training and after completing this program the candidates will get a certificate which is valid in both public company as well as private company . with the aim to train 40 crore people in india in different skill by 2022.

nurses. tourism. .. cobblers.  This Training program would be interesting just because it also include Game.. support and proper guidance for all the occupation like Welders.Features of skill India program :-  To enhance skill in youth in such a way so that they get a good job and a good job creates . Tailors. carpenter. G. weavers. banking..D. jewelry designing etc.  This program will also provide skill to youth in real estates.  This training program would be at the national level so that the youth of our country can not meet the domestic demand only but other country also. blacksmith. brainstorming sessions... practical experience.  This program provides Training. case study etc. masons.

. better skilled people.Advantage of skill India program :-  Skill India program raise the confident in youth.  This program will help to get blue color job.  This program will be helpful for both rural and urban area people.  This program help the youth to get a proper skill so that our country youth become job creator not job seeker.  This program will reduce the unemployment.  This program provide corporate.  This program will help in faster growth of GDP.

 Ensuring minimum wages.  Mismatch between youth aspirations and job. .  Problems in scalability.Challenges in Skill India :-  Problem in Mobilization.  Issues in Employer’s Buy-in.

5% 3% 1.4% 3.7% 2.Challenging task :- 0.2% Nearly 90% of employable did not receive any vocational training.2% 89. posing a challenge for the government in Skill India program .

88.009 .70.249 Training center.3222 People trained55.Training Center In India Of Skill India Program Training partners .476 People placed23.

Sector wise total training by NSDC training partners for FY 2015-16 as on 30 th Nov. 2015 .

State wise total trainings by NSDC training partners for FY 2015-16 as on 30 th Nov. 2015 .

This is a very good program. .CONCLUSION As far as I am concert. There is no doubt in it that it seems to be a good initiative of Indian government – providing skill to the people. As we all know that in India the working age of the population will be very high. This is the right time to improve physical and mental aspect in youth so that none of us remains unemployment and unemployment problem gets reduced.

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