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Introduction of Fiber Science

Lecture# 01

Mujahid Mehdi Abro

Indus University Karachi.

Fiber Science… What is fiber…… Why we study…... .

.What are fibers….

Spinning Weaving Processi ng .Why we study ….

hair portions of the tissues of a plant or animal or other substances that are very small in diameter in relation to there length.What is fiber…. . It is defined as one of the delicate.. A fiber is a material which is several hundred times as long as its thick.

What is Textile Fiber Fibres have been defined by the Textile Institute as units of matter characterized by : flexibility. . fineness high ratio of length to thickness.

The characteristic dimensions of fibres are the basis of their use and need to be stressed:  individual fibres (or elements of a continuous filament) weigh only a few micrograms their length/width ratio is at least 1000:1 .Other characteristics might be added. if the fibre is to be of any use for general textile purposes. a sufficiently high temperature stability and a certain minimum strength and moderate extensibility.

Other important properties include elasticity. Textile fiber has some characteristics which differ between fiber to Textile fiber. Textile fiber can be spun into a yarn or made into a fabric by various methods including weaving. . cohesiveness. and sufficient strength.General properties of Textile Fiber…. felting. fineness. durability. flexibility. knitting. uniformity. and luster. The essential requirements for fibers to be spun into yarn include a length of at least 5 millimeters. and twisting. braiding.

wool and Silk  Man made viscose etc….. etc… .  Synthetic polyester etc….Types of Textile Fibers: There are three main types of textile fibers:  Natural Cotton.

There are three main applications of textile fibers:  Apparel  Home textile  Technical textile .Applications of Textile fiber….

.Apparel fibers..

Home textile Fibers… .

Technical Textile Fibers… .