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Form 4 oral test

Talk for 1-2 minutes individually. Short notes are allowed but a
whole text. Choose 1 topic from the questions below.
1. In your opinion, why studying English is important?
2. What do you know about global warming? (causes and
3. What is your ambition? How are you able to contribute to
your nation?
4. In your opinion, how smartphone changes the life of a 21 st
century citizen?
5. In your opinion, is road safety awareness an effective
campaign to reduce road accident? Why?
6. In your opinion, why electric smoking has become a trend
7. In your opinion, why Malaysians have the highest
percentage of obesity in the ASEAN region?
8. Discuss the steps to success in academic and co-curricular
9. Is internet a need or a luxury?
10. Dengue fever may cause death. In your opinion, discuss
about the causes of the rising cases of dengue fever and
methods of solving this problem.