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Teacher: Deicy Camargo Acosta

A: Andrés Mauricio Jácome Garcia
J: Johan Sebastián Medina
The solar Car
J: Hello dear customers, here we are to show you how works the solar car. It’s the
vehicle of the future; it works with solar energy by photovoltaic panels on the roof.
Actually there is a guy who is inside in one of the car, let’s talk with him
A: Hi everyone, this car is amazing because its super stylish design help me to
become the centre of attention especially for beautiful girls.
J: The most exciting part about the car is that the company plans to make it with
units, it means you can connect two small cars to create a six car passenger, each
small car is for only three passengers.
A: That’s really cool, I can get two cars in one, because you don’t need to carry
your girlfriend to the job.
J: A full charge of photovoltaic cells get 80 Km per day in the city quickly.
A: Many people hate when there’s a lot of traffic, a solar car is not stressful as a
normal car, in that time you can take a break or play videogames inside the vehicle
and charge the batteries.
J: One company’s politic is creating new technologies by renewable energy, we
want to have a green planet for the new generations.
A: I don’t care the planet, I just want a great vehicle that it doesn’t need gasoline
because it’s very expensive nowdays.
J: This car has the same features or more than a normal vehicle by gasoline or
diesel engine. For example it has a full radio and an especial antenna to locate the
sun and get more irradiance.
A: Today is a nice day for taking a journey, oh good heavens! I can see clouds in
the sky, why is happening to me, I’ve got an English class now, oh god! I get break
down so far from home.
J: Ok, we know everything is not perfect. Well you all already listen the reasons to
buy this car, so what are you waiting for? Come with us and improve your life while
you improve the environment too!