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Time Completed:
Remove parts of coffee machine and place in silver pot.
Wipe down coffee machine.
Place water in the bean drawer and clean out.
Place water in the gravy drawer and clean out.
Wipe down krushem station and clean correctly with no streaks left. Ensure
that the milky bar holder is removed and cleaned correctly.
Fill up krushem machine.
Fill up ice cream machine.
Write defrost in the Shift Runner diary.
Complete closing stock count and enter into RMF.
Run end of day on the till.
Staple all staff meals together and place with attendance report in the daily
paperwork folder.
Check back door is locked.
Wipe down all tables in the lobby with sanitiser.
Empty all bins and thoroughly clean out the bin houses.
Sweep the lobby floor.
Mop the lobby floor.
Wipe down self-service drinks machine.
Remove nozzles and place them in the silver pot with the coffee machine items.
Clean chip dump.
Wipe down front of the chute.
Pull out all machines and sweep around front counter area.
Mop front counter area.
Complete the banking.
Close Till 1.
Close Till 2.
Close Till 3.
Transfer safe float notes.
Complete the banking.
Complete the safe count and ensure that the safe is completely locked.
Check standard of all middle of house cleaning tasks (refer to SRSR cleaning

At least one OCL is completed and placed in the 'New OCLs Folder'. FRONT COUNTER MEETS EXPECTATIONS: YES / NO MIDDLE OF HOUSE MEETS EXPECTATIONS: YES / NO BACK OF HOUSE MEETS EXPECTATIONS: YES / NO STOCKED UP: YES / NO CLOSE COMPLETE FULLY TO STANDARD: Notes: . Music turned off and Air Conditioning all turned off.tasks). Check all daily paperwork is completed and all voids signed with 3x receipts. Leave a note for opening shift runner with any comments or information to pass on. Complete day on RMF. Check that SRSR diary is all completed and signed.