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LASS 2.0.

1 Changes for ARC
• Added Master Load All/Save All
• Added Load/Save support
• Added Load/Save
• Added a new "Smart Menu" for layering instruments on a KS
• Unassigned KSs now let MIDI pass through (more keyboard range for your instr
• Added a note value to the Articulation List for easier workflow
• Added 2 additional KS sets
• Added program change support
• Improved default CC behavior
• Fix for simultaneous KS bug
Stage & Color
• Added simultaneous view modes with click-able blips
• Added textual display of current layout
• Added 6 additional presets with 6 new Sonic Profiles: Bat Man, Lost, Fantasy
on Thomas Tallis, Sul Pont - and for sords: Bat Man, Lost
• Stage OFF by default
• Added discrete loading of Stages and Colors
• Time to transmit ARC presets roughly cut in half
• Significantly lower CPU required to transmit presets
Real Legato:
• Added Load/Save
• Added Vel Atten CC assign
Auto Arranger/DNH:
• Added Load/Save For All Presets
• Added true persistent Preset support
• Added DNH CC assign
New Multis
Good multis for playing chords with AA on:
AA Batman Cries Harmony (KS MIDI Ch 1).nkm -- Play anything up to a triad fr
om Middle C and above... and take out a hanky.

nkm Short Articulations Key Switched per section: KS Shaws Basses Short (KS MIDI Ch 16).nkm KS Shaws Vlns II Short (KS MIDI Ch 16). Fix Octave KS disparity on certain patches Various other small general spread voicing M ulti for lines or chords up to a triad.nkm KS Shaws Cellos Short (KS MIDI Ch 16).nkm KS Airy Vlas Long (KS MIDI Ch 16).nkm KS Shaws Vlns I Short (KS MIDI Ch 16). Long Articulations Key Switched per section: KS Airy Basses Long (KS MIDI Ch 16).php?f=45&t=1948 All content © Audiobro and may not be reproduced or posted without prior written p ermission by Audiobro.nkm KS Airy Vlns I Long (KS MIDI Ch 16).play above middle C). FX Tutti (Ch1 . Be afraid.. very afraid. Play from Middle C and above. .nkm KS Airy Vlns II Long (KS MIDI Ch 16).nkm -.nkm -.nkm KS Airy Cellos Long (KS MIDI Ch 16). For a more detailed look at these changes.Play anything up to a triad and ride CCs 83 and 111 (and the Mod-wheel for dynamics).AA Harmony Vlns+Vlas+Cli (MIDI Ch 1). go to: http://audiobro.nkm Instrument Fixes • • • • Fix for instrument level AA range bug Fix CC Attenuator default settings to "Off" on Trills.nkm KS Shaws Vlas Short (KS MIDI Ch 16).