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The First Conditional

Ingls 7. Ano (nvel 3)

Match the two halves of the sentences:

1. If the weather is fine on Sunday,

she wont be very happy.

2. If you see an accident,

I will bring you a present.

3. If my parents give me a laptop,

we will watch a film on TV.

4. If the students get good marks on the test,

Ill play games with you.

5. If I travel to London,

youll call an ambulance.

6. If my sister doesnt win the basketball game,

you wont feel very well.

7. If we dont go out this evening,

they will miss the bus.

8. If you eat too much chocolate cake,

well go to the beach.

9. If they dont hurry,

the teacher will be satisfied.

10. If she sees a snake,

she will be afraid.