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Adam Brock

613 North Avenue

Charlottesville, VA 22901
Phone: (304) 437-0239

To obtain a teaching position that would benefit from my passion for helping students develop a deep, rich appreciation for language in its
varied forms and functionexpressive, reflective, creative, and critical.

Education & Certification

University of VirginiaCurry School of Education, MT; Certification in Secondary English; graduating May 2016
University of VirginiaBachelor of Arts (2004), Major: English, Minor: Dramatic Arts; GPA: 3.54, Deans list

Teaching Experience
Monticello High SchoolCharlottesville, VA; January 2016-present
TEACHER9th Grade English (Standard Level), Part-time hire (but with full and complete responsibility for one class)
Worked closely with 9th Grade PLC to design units focused on intertwining literature studies with writing workshop
Supported students during a long-term, project-based, choice-fueled assessmenta multigenre writing project
Worked diligently to inspire passion for literature by constantly finding new ways to relate texts to teens through creative,
differentiated instruction and the use of multimedia resources
Utilized software such as Blackboard and Google Docs to orchestrate a student-friendly harmony between lesson materials,
classwork, student writing, assessments, journals and conferencing logs
Strived daily to inspire in students a thirst for the search for deeper meaning in the language of poetry and prose
Monticello High SchoolCharlottesville, VA; Fall 2015
STUDENT TEACHING11th Grade Honors English and AP Language and Composition
Prepared lessons and delivered instruction for four sections of AP Language and Composition and one section of Honors 11
Facilitated development of analytical thinking and writing through guided, deliberate discussionsmall group and whole class
Sewed the seeds of strong analytical writing skills through mini-lessons, modeling, daily practice, peer revision and one-on-one
student-teacher conferences
Devised thoughtful diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments to gauge student learning, provide fodder for reflective
practice, and to inform new instructional strategies
Participated in ongoing dialogue with parents and counselors in regard to student performance, learning, and development
Young Writers Workshop (UVA-affiliated creative writing program for secondary students)Charlottesville, VA; Summer 2015
TEACHERSong Writing
Devised and implemented a unique curriculum for studying the history and craft of popular song writing and music production
Created numerous, multi-faceted, 2.5 hour long lessons rich with activities and workshops exploring creative song writing and
production strategies, revision strategies, musical history, and lyric/poetry analysis
Created a warm, positive environment for peer workshop
Supported students in the production of a personal, highly polished recorded portfolio of music and lyrics
Monticello High School, Jack Jouett Middle SchoolCharlottesville, VA; Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Supported teachers by facilitating learning in small group discussions/peer work groups and delivering mini-lessons
Worked one-on-one with English Language Learners in various content areas
Facilitated student-centered learning through tutoring in the AVID Program (Achievement Via Individual Determination)

Teaching-Related Experience
Light House Film StudiosCharlottesville, VA; 2008-2012
Co-taught an after school program for students living in a Section 8 housing development that focused on using film as a
medium to explore reflective, creative expression of their personal experiences
LiveArts TheaterCharlottesville, VA; 2009-2011

Taught multiple acting courses for teens in an educational Spring Break camp for students interested in the dramatic arts

Relevant Interests/Skills
Professional Musician/Music Producer:
Independently and collaboratively wrote, engineered, and produced multiple albums of avant garde pop music
Planned and executed multiple national tours
Professional ActingTheatre, Television:
Fifteen plus years experience acting in theatre productions at the collegiate and professional level
Acted in multiple major network television series