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National Remote Sensing Centre has a satellite ground station at Shadnagar, Hyderabad to
receive data from various remote sensing satellites. The low earth orbiting satellites are
tracked by ground station antenna with good accuracy in order to receive good quality data.
Single channel mono pulse technique is adopted to track and receive data from satellites.
Tracking Receivers, demodulators and other units are used in the chain to demodulate the
tracking video and extract Azimuth and Elevation errors required to auto track the satellites in
closed loop servo control system.
A digital Tracking system which integrates all the above functions/units will be designed and
developed in digital domain using DSP and Embedded systems, the latest state of the art
technology. This single integrated system will replace several units/functions like Automatic
Gain Control (AGC), Dual channel X-Band Tracking Receivers, S-band Tracking Receiver,
Tracking Demodulators, Scan Code Pulse Generator and Phase Shifter Controller in the
tracking chain.