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Professional Statement of Alexander Ager

Certification Area: Music Education K-12
Music, like many other subjects, has value. Who should learn music? In my experience,
music should be explored in some way by everyone. I believe that music has an instrinsic value
in everyday life. For example, humans experience rhythm when walking and breathing, and our
bodies experience rhythm through out heartbeats. Young children have an impluse to talk and
sing constantly. I believe that every student should feel they are creative and musical, alongside
learning the technical aspects of music notation, playing technique, and instrument fundamentals.
I believe that music should be taught in schools because it combines multiple academic
disciplines in unique ways. For example, math is utilized when examining beat values and time
signatures. Social Studies can be integrated when studying multiple cultures and various
composers throughout history. Foreign languages are experienced when a choir sings in a
language other than their vernacular. In addition, much of music’s academic language is in
Italian. Physical education is experienced through learning different breathing techniques,
playing instruments, and moving your body to the music.
Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to learn from several inspiring teachers that
have made me think about my own philosophy on education. Helping students find their own
successes is one reason I was drawn to the field of education. Every individual has his or her
own strengths and weaknesses, and it is my job to bring out those skills and help improve upon
their weaknesses. Education is more than preparing for standardized tests. The purpose of
education is to help students prepare for achieving success in the world and to push them beyond
their full potential. I would like to motivate my students to do their best, go further than their
best, and help them to learn something new everyday.