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topic: VERBS | Mixed verbs 1
Choose the correct verb tense. Several options might be acceptable - choose the
best response:

1. I _____________ with my mother yesterday. ( to speak )

a) didnt speak
b) have not spoken
c) havent been speaking
2. I _____________ to this restaurant for 5 years (and I still do). ( to come)
a) was coming
b) have been coming
c) am coming
3. She _____________ him if he hadnt asked her. ( to tell)
a) would not tell
b) would not have told
c) didnt tell
4. How often are you at the beach? I _____________ there every day. ( to go )
a) will have gone
b) am going
c) go
5. The concert we _____________ to last Monday was amazing! ( to go )
a) will have gone
b) went
c) go
6. Please _____________ me the truth! ( to tell )
a) was telling
b) to tell
c) tell
7. I _____________ a bath when the phone rang. ( to take )
a) was taking
b) to take
c) took
8. She insisted on _____________ there alone. ( to go )
a) going
b) to go
c) to be going
9. I demanded __________ to his supervisor. ( to speak )
a) to be speaking
b) to speak
c) speak
10. I never _____________ of him as a good friend. ( to think )
a) was thinking
b) thought
c) have been thinking

2008 | Free to use for teachers and students

topic: VERBS | Mixed verbs 1


1) a

2) b 3) b 4) c 5) b 6) c 7) a 8) a

9) b 10) b