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This Memorandum of Agreement is made and entered in the City of Manila, Philippines
by and between:
A company registered with the law of the Republic of the
Philippines, with postal address at 2225 Tolentino Street 1300 Pasay, Philippines
Represented by Vallen Tanchip
hereinafter referred to as the company.
a recognized organization of De La Salle University with address at
2401 Taft Avenue, City of Manila represented by the President,
Kimi Barra, hereinafter referred to as DLSU- ENGLICOM
Witnesseth that:
The Oishi agrees to be a sponsor for the Chinese New Year 2016 to be held on
February 3-6, 2016 and will provide the following:

Php 40, 000 worth of Oishi snacks

In return, DLSU-ENGLICOM will provide the following for the Sponsoring Oishi
I. Inclusion in event materials – Small logo
II. Inclusion in visual publicity – 2.5 x 6 ft banners
III. Distribution of company product samples – provide booth at Central, 3x3m space
from February 3-6, 2016
IV. Option to play 30 second company video
V. Live public acknowledgement of the company name 5x per day
VI. Inclusion in organizer ID
VII. Post Event report

DLSU-ENGLICOM shall acknowledge all donations received from the Oishi with the
University official receipt within 1 week after the date of receipt.
DLSU-ENGLICOM shall submit to the Oishia report of the activity within one week

after the activity.
All donations shall be made by check payable to De La Salle University.
Selling is not allowed in campus.
This agreement contains the complete understanding of both parties and may not be
amended, supplemented or varied except by an instrument in writing signed by both
parties. The validity and effectivity of this agreement shall be governed by the Laws
of the Republic of the Philippines.

In case of dispute. Company DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY. Michael Broughton FSC Vice President for Lasallian Mission Witnessed by: Kimi Barra DLSU-ENGLICOM 01/28/2016 Date:_____________ Date:_____________ Witnessed by: Ms.MANILA Ms.DLSU-ENGLICOM and Oishi shall bind themselves to the full and proper execution of this agreement. Mark Christian Reyes Faculty Adviser 01/28/2016 Date:_____________ Date:_____________ . Vallen Tanchip Marketing Officer Br. the parties will try to settle it amicably before resorting to other legal remedies. The DLSU-ENGLICOM and the Oishi warrant that they have read and understood this agreement. Vallen Tanchip Marketing Officer Mr.