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Edition E October 2012


u Complete technical solutions from the technology leader
u Development partner for parts design, simulation,
prototyping and toolmaking
u Mechanical and hydraulic fineblanking presses
with or without servo technology
u First-class service and maintenance throughout the world


peripherals and tool systems form a strong hardware backbone. improved productivity: fineblanking is the recipe for success for companies that set themselves ambitious parts production goals. engineering and reliable servicing. better quality. consulting. We will supply you with worldbeating turnkey technology built to meet the most demanding standards. 3 . And Feintool is their logical choice of partner. And we will accompany you on your road to lasting success with by providing analyses. Presses. Greater cost-efficiency.Fineblanking Technology The shortcut to success.

and fineblanking which employs three forces: FS (cutting force).and tear-free blanked surfaces u Precision and flatness u Lower finishing costs 4 . The advantages offered by Feintool’s unique difference truly come into their own when quality standards and unit numbers are high.THE PROCESS. Ready-to-install multifunctional parts can be produced cost-efficiently using Feintool technology and at a significant cost saving compared with conventional production methods. Fineblanking opens up entirely new technical approaches to industrial series production and offers new ways of maximizing cost efficiency. Fineblanking produces a completely flat part with clean. Conventional blanking Fineblanking In conventional blanking. Fineblanked part u Smooth. parts tend to deflect and fracture. As a result. formally designated as shear cutting employing a cutting force of FS. rightangled cut surfaces and no torn or chipped edges. crack. SIMPLY UNBEATABLE The unique difference that has a huge impact Fineblanking is streets ahead of other processes when it comes to cost-efficiency. FR (vee ring force) and FG (counter force). they may require finishing to bring them up to the appropriate quality. The processes compared A comparison of the differences between the principles of conventional blanking.

We will also be glad to offer you advice on process optimization.THE PROCESS CHAIN. Part design for greater cost-effectiveness Part materials for optimum parts quality Tool materials for longer tool life Tool technology for greater process reliability Press technology for higher output Lubricant technology for process chain compatibility Set us a challenge! Every solution hides a better solution. all the way to lubricants. unbroken press availability and long tool service lives? We know how you can achieve these goals – and will use our expertise to make sure every technology parameter matches up. With Feintool. 5 . through materials for tools and parts. WITH END-TO-END SUPPORT Know-how transfer for every single step Who wouldn‘t want a consistent production process. press operation and on the preventive maintenance and servicing of your systems. Our experts will assist your employees at every stage of the process chain: from part and tool design. you get state-of-the-art expertise and system engineering straight from the market leader. and this is what drives us on.

500 and 15. GUARANTEED COST-EFFICIENCY Precision and performance at its best Are you prepared to accept anything less than maximum productivity and flexibility? If not.PRESSES. Feintool will produce tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements. then the market leader for mechanical and hydraulic fineblanking presses is the right choice for you: Over 2000 Feintool fineblanking systems with total force ratings of between 1. 6 .500 kN are in operation worldwide. Swiss-made engineering Our fineblanking and forming systems are developed and produced either at our own premises or to our specifications by specialist partners. Benefit from our many years of comprehensive systems engineering experience and our unique know-how in implementing manufacturing systems.

XFTspeed servomechanical fineblanking press 1500 .15500 kN The HFAplus series for totally flexible production of demanding fineblanked parts. this press can achieve highly impressive stroke rates. This series features virtually limitless potential for optimizing its configuration to suit specific requirements. The servo drive combines the advantages of hydraulic and mechanical presses. Coupled with the appropriate tools.2500 kN The XFTspeed press series boasts short retooling times and high stroke rates. HFAspeed hydraulic fineblanking press 3200 . HFA7000 hydraulic fineblanking press from the FEINplus series HFAsmart hydraulic fineblanking press 4000 . Feintool has the right mechanical or hydraulic fineblanking press for your requirement profile.8000 kN The HFAsmart has the same key features as the HFAplus. FOR EVERY REQUIREMENT Fineblanking presses tailor-made for maximum output Whatever your business model. X-TRA450 servo-hydraulic fineblanking press from the FEINspeed series XFT2500 servo-mechanical fineblanking press from the FEINspeed series 7 . X-TRAspeed servo-hydraulic fineblanking press 3200 . quality and high availability: It‘s not for nothing that the X-TRA fineblanking press is in great demand.11000 kN The HFAspeed features a powerful drive system and optimized hydraulics.MODEL SERIES.7000 kN Performance. Stroke rates that had previously been thought impossible are now achievable thanks to cutting-edge servo drive technology. HFAplus hydraulic fineblanking press 3200 . Its flexibility and adaptability to specific production requirements are the major additional attractions of this model series. but has been optimized to suit tighter investment budgets.

rapid-response spare parts service guarantee high productivity. designs. By keeping pace with the high productivity of the presses. quality components made by other manufacturers can also be incorporated into the system design. Total responsibility for the entire system Feintool conceives. FULL PERFORMANCE Intelligent design all round Feintool can supply you with complete sets of peripherals for your fineblanking presses. our peripheral systems are important guarantees of success.FEINTOOL SYSTEMS. 8 . From the coil to the perfect undamaged finished part Feintool was the first supplier to create an integral fineblanking system. Individual stock feeders. constructs and commissions automated. Depending on the intended use and customer requirements. training courses for your employees and a global. linked production systems and production lines in accordance with customer requirements. After Sales services included Feintool provides a full range of services that give an effective boost to your production activities: remote maintenance of your press system via an online interface. fully automatic tool changing systems and evacuation systems that remove finished parts and slugs separately significantly enhance both part quality and your fineblanking system‘s output.

Feintool develops the optimum solution for every single task – often in conjunction with other innovative manufacturers. design and build fully automated systems and production lines with integral deburring. Tool changing Feintool supplies various types of manual and fully automatic tool changer for short tool change times during series production. As a result. part washing and grinding systems especially for you. 9 . FROM A SINGLE SOURCE Expertise from A to Z Feeding lines Incorporating feeding lines into fineblanking presses enhances both process reliability and system availability.TOTAL SOLUTIONS. Parts finishing Feintool has the perfect solutions for these tasks as well: we can develop. Parts and slug handling The removal systems developed specially for the fineblanking and forming process optimize parts handling and guarantee that parts are removed without being damaged even at high stroke rates. you get the best possible output rates from your production system. One of them will be the right solution for your requirements.

They are essential in ensuring low part costs. You can therefore be confident that the process concept – regardless of whether it is prepared by you or by us – is perfectly sound before you move on to the next step. They can then be resolved before retesting in the next step. Methodical testing under real-life conditions quickly uncovers any potential weak points. GAINING THAT COMPETITIVE EDGE Feintool‘s experts working for you Simulations provide an insight into what goes on in your forming processes Efficient prototyping helps to save time and money Simulations – for low part costs Avoid costly and time-consuming trial and error loops: our feasibility studies and simulations will quickly provide a fineblankingfriendly part design without the need for expensive tools. lower costs for defective parts The benefits to you: u Efficient part design perfecting u Time and cost savings u Near-series parts.SERVICES. The benefits to you: u From initial idea to first production part in the shortest pos- sible time u Facilitates new applications u Fewer trial-and-error loops. Prototyping – for perfect parts design It makes good sense to produce prototype parts in the early stages of project development. only accurate prototypes and pre-production samples are used. Our efficient prototyping service lets you refine the design and functions of your parts quickly and inexpensively. Our experts will simulate your ideas and improve them until we achieve optimum results for the tool and parts. validated processes 10 . To ensure that production can commence quickly.

Whether the design is ours or your own. diversity and maximum precision. even in their most complex form. The benefits to you: u Predictable unit costs u „Strip optimizer“ for efficient material usage u Knowledge database for efficient problem-solving u Concept studies The benefits to you: u Maximum wear resistance u Maximum precision u Tools.000 solutions to particular problems will ensure that your production concept is developed with maximum efficiency. Every day. we expand our unique expertise and add detailed knowledge to it. Feintool’s engineers will provide you with solutions. replacement parts and individual components from a single source 11 . Feintool produces over one hundred tools for fineblanking presses at its Lyss site alone. Our tools are characterized by outstanding wear resistance. they produce tools that satisfy the most exacting requirements. Using state-of-the-art machinery and our own hardening shop. Our knowledge database containing over 10.SERVICES. materials and tool design. With their ability to see the whole picture and identify interdependencies. your order is in good hands with Feintool’s specialists. our engineers can prepare a production concept that will get the best out of your resources and raw materials. Toolmaking – for lasting added value Every year. PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT Because interdependencies count Consulting and engineering are our strengths Optimum tool solutions from Feintool Engineering – for successful production Achieve the best possible results by drawing on synergies between component design.

Using proven software solutions that provide information on details such as residual life and stock quantities Feintool can supply the spare parts you need in good time. The benefits to you: u Tools immediately ready to use u No interruptions to production u Start-up assistance for maximum process reliability 12 The benefits to you: u Easy to order u Short delivery times u Attractive discount arrangements u Efficient blank management . Having professional help to get you started ensures that you achieve a high level of process reliability in a very short time. There are clear benefits to using only original Feintool Spare elements: you save yourself unprofitable adaptation time and ensure the consistently high quality of your processes. you can use your presses’ productivity to the full.SERVICES. cost-efficient production. Tool spare elements – for reliable production Being able to obtain the right Spare elements quickly is an important factor in ensuring reliable. You can also call on our assistance when first commissioning tools: Our specialists will assist you at your premises or in our technology centre right through to the start of series production. process-capable tools Spare elements for reliable production Tool testing – for successful cold starts Feintool is the world‘s only supplier to subject its fineblanking tools to real-world testing with own try-out presses under similar production conditions. You can be confident that you will be able to employ the tool straightaway in your production process. This is an area where Feintool offers customers an excellent service. And because no time-consuming adjustments or corrections are needed. BUILDING AND TESTING The tool in focus Tested.

CONSULTING. international institutions and applied science teaching establishments. ensuring a global technological lead both for us and for you. Lubricants Choosing the right lubricant is an important factor in the process chain. Our carefully targeted research and development work results in our customers gaining a key competitive advantage. production-friendly materials. such as alloyed or high-tensile steels. And what we learn we pass on to you in the form of advice and training courses. Tool material and coating technology Tool material quality and the active element coating are becoming an increasingly important factor. Consequently. This creates the best possible foundation for successful production with your fineblanking systems. this is a main focus of development for Feintool›s experts. We are continuously developing new applications. Feintool cooperates closely with a variety of suppliers in developing optimum. LEARN FROM THE BEST Everything for successful operation Feintool has always invested systematically in research and development. Achieving a technological lead by hard work Feintool consistently sets new standards in fineblanking technology. production processes are turning to ever more versatile materials. This is due to constant basic research. Feintool develops suitable environmentally compatible fineblanking oils in conjunction with its partners. 13 . Production materials In order to reduce weight and material consumption. carried out in close collaboration with reputable universities.

. One Stop Service – everything from a single source Well-maintained presses and tools are essential for successful production in the long term. This preventive maintenance service plays a direct and important role in ensuring that your Feintool fineblanking system remains highly available. And if a problem occurs. anytime Regular inspection and servicing of your press system by Feintool will ensure maximum availability. Feintool offers you customized maintenance packages that guarantee your entire fineblanking infrastructure is cared for and optimized. Feintool‘s experts will provide the spare parts or know-how you need quickly. With our support. It is also possible to remotely optimize production parameters. reliably and at a fair price. Inspection and maintenance service It pays to be safe Regular inspection and maintenance by Feintool specialists will ensure that your press is in constant operation and retains its value. ONE FOR ALL First-class customer care anywhere.SUPPORT. 14 Remote maintenance – for a rapid response In just a matter of minutes our maintenance specialists can establish an online connection to your machine and start locating and rapidly eliminating the cause of the problem. you can enjoy a high degree of certainty and autonomy. Experienced service engineers provide high-quality technical service anywhere in the world.

feintool. anywhere in the world. Speedy spare parts delivery means that your fineblanking system will quickly be running at maximum performance again.SPARE PARTS. SUPER-FAST DELIVERY Keeping the production wheels turning A Feintool press will only achieve peak performance if it is fitted with original Feintool spare parts. This is why Feintool operates a global spare parts service. you will receive the right materials and comprehensive support in good time. Wherever in the world your production facilities are located. This is why we hold them ready for immediate call-off by our customers worldwide. Our customers can order them via the internet anytime of the day or 15 . Underpinning this service support are skilled employees. Set up an account and see the benefits: u Attractive eShop terms u Apply now for a Feintool eShop account: www. effective working procedures and our own spare parts store with sufficient stock for several fineblanking systems. eShop – for an even faster response Original spare parts can be sourced even more quickly in the Feintool eShop. Ordering online speeds up both the quotation-issuing and order-handling processes. Our skilled service engineers ensure that original parts are fitted when they perform servicing and repair work.

Automotive industry: Not a penny too much In automotive construction. Door locking mechanism components: Safety. safety. high-quality door locks. WHERE QUALITY COUNTS Everyday uses for cost-efficiently produced parts Fineblanked and formed components are all around us: installed in vehicles. comfort and long service life. This sector calls for production methods that guarantee maximum efficiency and quality: Break systems: Fineblanked break pads fulfill the highest standards of safety. they are responsible – often hidden in the background – for functionality. 16 . Seat adjusters: A precise seat adjustment mechanism delivers both safety and comfort. comfort and perfect acoustics are the hallmarks of modern.APPLICATIONS. cost-efficiency counts double. household devices and tools. machinery.

With individual parts manufactured with Feintool fineblanking tools. Accuracy and sterility requirements are high. In addition to conventional steel alloys. Doctors need to have one hundred percent confidence in their instruments and devices. thousands of pocket knives come off the production lines every day at manufacturers such as Victorinox. 17 . Market leaders trust in Feintool Tools have to live up to what they promise. whether they‘re being for work or leisure. Mechanical functional parts and components in household and leisure products help them to run better and keep them in service for longer. For example. Plastics and mineral-based materials are predominantly used to manufacture insulators. Zero tolerance of errors Where human lives are concerned. consistently high quality is guaranteed.Household and leisure: More efficient in one work step Fineblanked and simultaneously formed sheet metal parts perform a large number of functions in a wide range of everyday consumer goods. Feintool provides technology that can be trusted to produce medical equipment reliably and precisely. Wenger and Leatherman. this sector also uses non-ferrous and light metal alloys. there is no room for errors. Fineblanking technology makes contacts This three-dimensional copper contact lever is one example of a complex functional part for the electrical engineering industry.

and a network of professional representatives. Special attention is paid to advising our customers at an early stage in the development of a solution.FEINTOOL. Cincinnati. Feintool is your ideal partner. spare parts and training. A WORLD LEADER Local expertise on three continents Feintool Fineblanking Technology is the world’s leading provider of technology and solutions for fineblanking and forming. tool systems. USA A Fineblanking Technology sales and service outlet. The central focus of all our work is delivering cost-efficient engineering that provides the greatest possible benefit to our customers. this is indispensable in creating efficient and technologically leading-edge solutions. the USA and Asia. Consulting and sales of presses/systems. Strong global presence With Technology Centres on three continents. 18 . In our Technology Centre in Lyss (CH) and in the centre of excellence in Jona (CH) we are passionately committed to the continuous further development and optimization of fineblanking and forming technology. its own production sites and sales offices in Europe. Feintool Equipment Corp. peripheral systems.

Consulting and sales of presses/systems. servicing (assembly.Feintool Japan Co. Switzerland A Fineblanking Technology sales and service outlet.. Ltd. Feintool Technologie AG. The range of services includes consulting and sales.. spare parts and training. tool systems. training and support. Feintool Technologie AG in Lyss is the parent company and technology centre for the Fineblanking Technology segment. peripheral and tool systems. spare parts and training. Ltd. spare parts and training. Feintool Beijing Office Beijing. Jona. China A Fineblanking Technology sales and service outlet. FEINTOOL Fineblanking Technology Shanghai Co. Atsugi. Servo-mechanical and servo-hydraulic fineblanking presses and orbital forming presses are developed and built in Jona. Consulting and sales of presses/systems. overhauls and retrofits).. Consulting and sales of presses/systems. Switzerland Feintool Technologie AG in Jona is the centre of excellence for press construction. 19 .. Lyss. peripheral and tool systems. presses and systems. The press retrofit department is also located here. Japan Feintool Technologie AG. peripheral and tool systems. A Fineblanking Technology sales and service outlet. peripheral systems.

12-1000 Feintool Technologie AG Industriering 3 3250 Lyss Switzerland Phone +41 32 387 51 11 Telefax +41 32 387 57 80 .com www.feintool.20 FT 180Ee-10.