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Maheen Hashmi

Analyse opening sequence of a film

The women in black

For this analysis I have decided to use the film The women in black as the
narrative of the movie is similar to our production and the genre that we are
using is the same genre. The women in black was released not long ago but in
2012 by a director called James Watkins. The way that the movies sequences
was set out and shown to the audience showed by the codes and conventions
that have been used. In the beginning of the opening sequence we are
introduced to three small girls that suddenly look up with a blank and shocked
faces. The sound of this scene has a deep sound to create the tension and to
build suspense for the audience. The score builds up as the three girls gradually
walk towards the window and jump off which gives an instinct of what will
happen next in the film. Once they jump of the window there is screaming crying
and shouting of the children moaning to a scary affect.

The director uses diegetic and non diegetic sound build the dramatic affects and
to understand the slow motion editing that was used. This is of the main affects
that are important during a trailer as the narrative of the film is not given to the
audience to much as it will give away everything about the film when during a
horror movie trailer you want it to be left as a cliff hanger.

The editing that has been used is bringing an impact on the audience while
watching the trailer to The women in black. The way the editing is done also
creates a impact on how the audience reacts towards the film for example if the
editing does not have a clean finishing and if it is not sharp then the way that the
message of the movie is suppose to be conveyed to the audience would not.

The setting of where the opening sequences starts from is a nursery room where
all three girls are playing with their dolls. The costume that they are wearing are
dresses that was the fashion suing the 1800s style which also shows the
audience of when the movie was set. The colour of the dress is very dull and the
design on the dress is very simple and plain which shows the simplicity of the

Maheen Hashmi
three girls. The colour of the scene was very Graney as a colour affect has been
added to it to represent the horror as a Mise-en scene.