>Or µtransplantation¶ or µreception¶ ± can be taken to mean the same but do have differences:
>Reception from receiver¶s perspective, gradual. >Transplantation easily rejected ± transferring exact concepts into a different environment. >Diffusion is spread. >Migration ± people take their norms with them, or their perception of what law is. >Imperialism ± foreign power imposing their law on a colonised country through indirect rule. British colonial history: indirect rule. Much of Africa. GB set up criminal law, administration, yet recognised the existing customs ± ruled indirectly through chiefs & leaders of different communities (goes some way to explaining states of legal pluralism...I used Kenya as an example...there¶s an article on Lexis (or Westlaw can¶t remember) ). >Turkey & Japan ± prime examples of classical Roman law. Imported series of codes from Europe ± Swiss marriage codes. (Think there¶s a note on Turkey on Moodle???)

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