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How to stimulate five senses through architecture? A building is not only built for providing shelter, not
just a mere shade for the head. A space should make our senses conscious ,should make them respond
to the spaces. Every space in a way or other brings a feeling in itself; evoke some emotions. Given a
special characteristics to a specific space it can stimulate some particular sense.
This essay gives a brief on different projects and different aspects that speaks of spaces that have
stirred our senses through ages and times.

Architecture now a days is just a way of fulfilling basic needs. The psychological concern that it
needs is being ignored. A person’s reason of sadness may evolve from the space he lives in
rather than the problems in life he goes through. He would blame his life for it but overlook the
fact that the space he spends time everyday could be the reason for it.
Modern architecture (the stark façades without ornamentation ,cold colors, monochromatic
ambiance) makes people sad, tend them to sadness ,depression and ennui.
Living environment plays a very important role on the psychological and psychosocial state of a person.
A rather dull boring space being treated differently using color, ornamentation, scale, smell etc can
make a person interested to the same space.
A workstation could make one feel sad or depressing. Or once its interior has been changed ,it can incite
the desire to just sit and work there without delaying any time.
Example: Tadao Ando’s workstation.
By bringing life in a building architect can change the life of a person. He can either make one happy or
sad. A single line of his hand might change the horizon of a person’s life. Here design of a space is the
most important thing as it stirs so many senses in so many ways. That’s why through these studies and
observations we tried to find out architecture as it provokes our senses and how it does it.