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Carla Rodrguez Flores

Our culture defines our personal identity. Our lifestyle is related to the personality
of individuals and this provokes ho they really are. This lifestyle includes our social
views and the practices we have everyday in our neighborhood, our country. This
daily practices build our personal characteristics making a diverse world.
Culture and personal identity are terms that have a close relation because all the
history of one country influences the populations way of living way, modifying all
the beliefs, traditions and habits they can have.
Our identity is constructed by the external influences and the identity of the ones
that are around us, family, media, institutions and friends. Since were born we
imitate our parents, they transmit their values and knowledge to us, so we start
following them as our role models as they did when they were kids copying their
parents lifestyle.
These values that our parents inherited come from the external influences of
society and also they come from powerful resources. So if we accept some
institution as powerful, were accepting their beliefs and internalizing them; but we
cant notice this situation because everything seems natural about how things
should work within society. In a long run these little influences shape our way of
living and our attitude.
Cultural and social identity are strongly related to the construction of the personal
identity because everything around us, the political, economical or social decisions
nside a country, can influence our personal attitude towards any aily situation.
2 FORMAT1.75 CONTENT- It was a little bit repetitive, you could have add more
supporting details and avoid repetition.
1.75 GRAMMAR Check my comments (mainly use of compound nouns
and possessives)
1.5 SPELLING AND VOCABULARY repetitive ( influence, beliefs,
attitude, lifestyle)
TOTAL: 910 points