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Scene 1

The refugee child walks in

the street in ripped
clothes and shoes

Scene 2

People from different

religions around the table,
Here the location is very

Voice over:
Westerns blame Muslims
for the territorial actions
around the world.
Muslims blame Westerns
for the mess happening in
their regions and
everyone talks, and seems
so angry.

Scene 3

important: should be a big

close place, shows
ambiguity (I attached
some pictures in this
email as an example of
the atmosphere of this

I dont know what they

are saying? They are all
speaking different
languages; using different
ideologies and theories
no one is listening!!! .I
dont care about your
thinking, I dont need to
know who is wrong and
who is right
Stooooooop (screaming)

The child still walking

Scene 4

The child reaches to these

people and stands for a
moment watching them
arguing then scream at
them and raises his hand
to say stop

Everyone becomes frozen

on his position, the kid
walks to the table and
give everyone a piece of
paper and leaves

Everyone has tape on his

mouth and shaking hands,

I just want you to speak

the same language that
we all understand:
language of humanity,
peace, and love ..

he puts on the table some

papers and leaves
Scene 5

The child walking again in

the street and comes
across a women with a

The lady looks anxious at

Then he gives her the
paper and leaves

Scene 6

Scene 7

The child seating in a

playground watching kids
and playing with their
The kids looks scared at

Showing pictures of Syria

destroyed, and suffering
of kids

picture of Ilyan on the

beach(the Syrian kid who
were drown)

Even dogs have place

where to live! Can you
please adopt me too with
your dog, I will be as his
brother, Ill keep quite as
him, wont need special
food just piece of bread
and cup of water to
survive, wont ask you to
take me out, just need a
bed and blanket to stay
It doesnt matter if I dont
go to school; I already
learned many things from
Would you accept to take
me home with you?!
Smiles and he gives her a
piece of paper

Hi kids, dont be afraid of

me, I am not a ghost, I just
dont have fancy clothes
as you do, and dont have
family like you
My country is destroyed,
my parents died in there,
My little and I were in the
boat with our neighbors
trying to reach to the
world but my brother and
best friend were drowned
in the sea!

Scene 8

Gives papers to some

people there and leaves

Scene 9

Standing by a mosque,
then the Imam appears
coming outside, he sees
him then he goes and
gives him $20
The kid nodding no and
instead gives the imam a
piece of paper and leaves

Scene 10

Shot Technique:
Shot: when the priest
opens the paper, we read
it (close up shot) and we
see the imam looking at it
(wide shot)

The kid inside a church!

The priest comes close to
him and asks him with a
big smile what do you
The boy gives him a small
piece of paper too!
Written on both papers:
My big family (to know
one another)
Time: this doesnt show

I saw my mon in my
dreams one night and I
told her that I dont have
anyone I wish I died to be
with you, she said no , you
are not alone , you have
God and the world will be
a big family for you!
Thats why I decided to
come here, to find the
world, my big family!!!
My dream is to bring the
world to gather as one
family, I wont give up
until I realize my dream!
Would you like to join me?
Hi Imam, and Priest I dont
need you to help me with
money, food or clothes I
need you to help me to
bring people to gather..
please tell them .tell
that the Quran says: O
mankind, indeed We
have created you from
male and female and
made you peoples and
tribes that you may
know one another
And bible says: A new
commandment I give
you is to love one
another, just as I have
loved you
And all other religions
support peace! Why dont
we live in peace?!!

Scene 11

Scene 12

All people who met earlier

comes to the place one
after one and gather,
holds ones another hand
The imam and the pries at
the middle of the crow
Every one writes with his
language: To know one
The kid appears in front of
the row with a small board
written on it my big family

Yessss one big family,

here to know one another.
Here we share our love
and peace, Now we can
defeat any kind of evil,
now we are strong; we are
safe, we are happy. We
are warm, we are

Scene 13
Suddenly he wakes up and
finds himself sleeping in
the street and he is very
cold, covering himself with
a piece of carton written
on it Ehsan (Ehsan in
Arabic means doing good
for other)
And he is circled with a
drawing picture by him on
the floor the same people
were dreaming about and
written my big family!
He looks at it and say: I
believe dreams could be
The end