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IR – Internal Requisition

ISO – Internal Sales Order

Anchor Daman

Anchor Haridwar


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Item Cost

In Daman
In Haridwar

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In Daman

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India Local Purchasing

Priyanka V. Gayakwad

Page 1

IR – ISO CYCLE To Create New Requisition: Priyanka V. Gayakwad Page 2 .

IR – ISO CYCLE Priyanka V. Gayakwad Page 3 .

Confirmation Message: Note Down the Requisition Number…Requisition number will auto generated: Click on Approve…. Gayakwad Page 4 . Priyanka V.IR – ISO CYCLE Click on SAVE.

IR – ISO CYCLE Requisition submitted for Approval… Run Report for DAMAN Operating Unit. Edit > Profile>F11 > MO%>Daman Responsibility : India Local Purchasing. View >> Request Priyanka V.. Gayakwad Page 5 .

Responsibility : India Local Order Management Priyanka V.IR – ISO CYCLE Run Report for HARIDWAR Operating Unit. Gayakwad Page 6 .

IR – ISO CYCLE India Local Order Management > Oracle Order Mgmt > Order Organizer Priyanka V. Gayakwad Page 7 .