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European Union Law

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Origins
Chapter 3 Legislative Institutions
The Commission
The Council
The European Parliament
Chapter 4 Legislative Powers
Types of Community acts
Legislative procedures
The problem of legal basis
Part II
International Adjudication
Chapter 5 Institutions: an overview
The International Court of Justice
The World Trade Organization, The European Union
Part III
Relations Between Legal Systems: International Law,
Community Law and National Law
Chapter 6 The role of international law
International law
International organizations
Community law
International law and national law
Chapter 7 The Community Treaties in the legal systems of the Member States
Community Law
Chapter 8 The direct effect of directives
The European Court makes its move
France rebels
The European Court offers a compromise
Indirect effect
A reconsideration

Part IV Fundamental Rights Chapter 9 The human-rights revolution Characteristics of human rights Where do human rights come from? Fundamental rights in the United States Fundamental rights in Germany The European Convention on Human Rights Chapter 10 The European Court and the Bundesverfassungsgericht The origin of the EC fundamental-rights doctrine Development of the new doctrine Later developments Chapter 11 The Human Rights Convention and the EU: a clash of two systems? Conflicting treaties in international law The Community Treaties and the Human Rights Part V Substantive Law – A Taste Chapter 12 The common market .I The customs union Customs duties Taxes on imports Quantitative restrictions .