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KET Speaking test



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This worksheet is based on the beginning of Part 1 of the KET Speaking test.

Task One: Asking questions

In this part of the test the examiner asks Raffaella and Berik some questions about
Watch the DVD and listen to the examiner.

1. The examiner asks Berik three questions. What is the first question?
And ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ , Berik?
This is how you ask about someone’s country. There are two ways to say where you are
from. You can say: ‘I’m from (country)’ or you can say: ‘I come from (country).’
2. Can you say the name of your country or city in English? In pairs, ask your partner the
examiner’s question above and give your answer.
3. Berik says that he is from Kazakhstan. What does the examiner ask next?
And ______________ ______________ ______________ in Kazakhstan?
4. Berik works in Kazakhstan. What does he reply?
______________ , ______________ ______________ ______________ .
5. Then the examiner asks Berik another question. What does she say?
And ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ?

Task Two: Talking about work

In the KET Speaking test, the examiner asks you about your work or studies.
1. Watch the DVD. Raffaella gives a very good answer about her work. Listen to what she says.

Can you talk about your job or your studies?
In pairs, try to say three different things about your work or studies. For example, say where
you work, what you do and if you like it. Here are some examples to help you:
I work in a computer shop. I am a shop assistant. I like it very much.
Now write about your work or studies.

2. How can you answer the question ‘Do you like your work? / Do you like it?’ Write your
answer here.

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Write down what they tell you. 2. What do you do? / What do you study? 4. 3. the examiner will ask you about studying. Ask two students about their work or studies. Can you spell the names of your subjects in English? Write down the subjects your partner spells to you. ■ Task Three: Talking about studying If you are at school or college. Partner 1 Partner 2 Partner 3 What subjects do/did you study? Which subjects do/did you like best? Which subject is/was the most difficult? © UCLES 2010 PHOTOCOPIABLE SPEAKING TEST PREPARATION PACK FOR KET: STUDENT WORKSHEET 2 PAGE 2 OF 2 . 1. 2. Where do you work? / Where do you study? 3. 2. ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 3. Do you know the names in English of the subjects you study (or studied) at school? Write the names of the subjects in the box. Write their answers in the boxes. Do you work or study? Example answers: I study at college/university. Do you like it? Partner 1 Partner 2 1. 4. / I work in an office. Ask three people about subjects they study (or studied). Work in pairs.3. Here are some questions to help you: 1.

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