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1- Who sets the trap?
2- Who is watching from the tree?
3- Which animal does the monkey see walking towards the trap?
4- After being saved by the monkey, who does the rabbit find on her way?
5- What did he want to do to her and why?
6- Who do they ask if it’s fair for the wolf to eat the rabbit?
7- Does the rabbit accept the fox’ judgement?
8- Who do they ask later?
9- What are the wolf’s abilities according to him?
10- What proof does the monkey require?
11- How many steps ahead of the rabbit will the wolf run?
12- Who wants to join the race?
13- What happens to the fox and the wolf while they are running?
14- Who laughs at the end of the race?
Describe the hunter:

Describe the Fox:

Describe the monkey:

Describe the rabbit:

By: Paula Sanchez (B.A.)