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Pintrest, most of these found on there

personal favorite is the elephant


More examples that last one is really bad


my thoughts were very scattered, trying to narrow down to one subcategory of Animal cruelty


I chose organized abuse, ranges from pet abuse to dog fights to pet suppliers
Original sketches were very rough


Made a few ink sketches and cleaned them up on photoshop

Picked three, socialization issues/ emotional eects on animals, mass production, and profit over care
I felt that these were the main subcategories that tied in to organized abuse



again most of these were just rough ink sketches cleaned up on photoshop
I feel that I was really struggling with the mass production index.


the other signs stayed pretty much the same


this one was my least favorite

I said the first two were indexes because the relationship of the images needs to be examines and established by the viewer. A hand extending to a dog could be either
hostile or friendly which is why he is turned away from it, fearing that it is still hostile towards him
mass production: cats on a conveyor belt, shown as products
Profit over care: symbol because we had to learn what a dollar sign and heart/ animal paw are


so it was time to get crackin


I scanned these in so the quality wasnt super great.

Left was made with brush and ink
right is a paper cutout



Ended up using my cutouts <3

Shout out to Erin for helping me fix my cats!
Icon: dog with hand index: cat on the conveyor belt symbol: profit over care
I used orange because it is the ocial color of animal cruelty

Mockup examples
and then the next step was to add anchor and relay to our signs

Relay on top
Anchor on bottom
(only with text not image)

Relay on top
Anchor on bottom

Relay on top
Anchor on bottom

Mockups, not many out there for stickers

also that sign looks so fake

semiotics: the study of signs and how they are used

pragmatics: relations with signs and the effects they

have on people who use them
semantics: the study of meaning

sign: device used to communicate, made by the

signifier and signified
signifier: physical representation
signified: word that states what the signifier is

icon: representation
index: indicator
symbol: code that must be learned

paradigm: signs that get their meaning from

association with other signs
syntagm: when order is important to the meaning of
a sign

denotation: the main meaning of a sign

connotation: the secondary meaning of a sign, based
on the viewers own experiences

anchor: grounds meaning found in an image

relay: enhances meaning to an image


I learned a lot during the lectures and application of semiotics. I now have a better understanding of a designers mentality. Every small detail has some sort of meaning
that has been worked to convey a message to an audience. Though, people may interpret things completely dierent based on their own experiences. Words and images
have a strong relationship with one another and can bring dierent meanings depending on how they are presented. I learned and experienced how hard designers to
communicate with audiences.