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Creating an Emulsion: Homemade Mayonnaise

Date: December 1st 2015
Name: Nancy Mnasnan Se-amorntham

Emulsifier is a molecule with hydrophobic (hate water)
end and a hydrophilic (love water) end, which change
heterogeneous mixture into homogenous mixture. When polar
substance mix with non-polar substance like water and oil
without emulsifier it will separate apart into two layers. This
experiment will show us how emulsifier works by making
mayonnaise that use emulsifier from egg yolk to mix with polar
substance (vinegar and lime juice) and non-polar substance
(oil) together.

To create new flavors with mayonnaise and demonstrate
about emulsion, how emulsifier help heterogeneous mixture
turns to homogeneous mixture.


Mixing Bowl
 Vinegar
Curry Power
 Lime Juice
 Plate
 Glove
Bell pepper
 Knife
Pasteurized Eggs Yolk

Vegetable Oil
Cheddar Cheese

Put egg yolk in a bowl and stir with a whisk.

Slowly add oil in, countinue stir till the egg yolk is set.

Add vinegar and lime juice in to the bowl.

Add curry power in, stir until the mayonnaise is well mixed.

Put chocolate in the microwave at 600w for 1 minute.

Add a little water if it is too viscous, then follow by chocolate.

Prepare crackers and spread the prepared mayonaise on, put
a small slice of bell pepper and cheese on top. Serve to all

Put the left mayonaisee in a cup. Allow audiences/peers dip
and consume as they wish.

Final product

(Ms. Tara and our team members with our team final product.)

Behind the success

(Our team member while mixing mayonnaise with chocolate.)

Analyzing Result
1. What was your groups strategy for developing a new
mayonnaise flavor? What was your strategy for the presentation
of the mayonnaise, knowing that the teachers and students
would be evaluating using all their senses?
Ans. My group strategy for developing a new mayonnaise flavor
is creating a new extraordinary flavor that no one has done it
before. Our strategy for the presentation of the mayonnaise is
we spread the mayonnaise on the crackers/biscuits and put a
tiny slice of bell pepper and cheese on top of each biscuit. With
this, the biscuits taste goes well with curry chocolate and look
2. What technique or strategy did your group perform to
successfully create an emulsion?
Ans. The techniques that my group perform to
successfully create an emulsion are as follow:
1. We use one person to drop the oil slowly.
2. We use another person to whisk quickly while mixing it.
As a result, the emulsion will mix very well and do not spill out
from each other. With the above techniques and using two
people at the same time, we can get high profit, better result
and save more time than using one people.

3. What was the most difficult part about creating an emulsion?
Ans. The most difficult part about creating an emulsion is
mixing. It is hard to calculate the ingredient portion while
mixing mayonnaise with curry and chocolate efficiently. For
example, if you put more drop or less drop of lime juice and
vinegar, the taste will not be delicious, as it has to be.
4. Was the added flavor your group choose successful in making
a delicious mayonnaise? Why or why not?
Ans. The added flavor my group chooses is quite successful in
making a delicious mayonnaise. Because we can get the new
flavor as we expect. Further, most of teachers and students who
try it said that the curry chocolate biscuits are nice and delicious.
However, the taste of our delicious mayonnaise is a little bit
sour. This is because we added too much lime juice.
5. Was your presentation effective to enhance the flavor of the
mayonnaise for the sensory evaluation panel? Why or Why not?
Ans. My presentation was effective to enhance the flavor of the
mayonnaise for the sensory evaluation panel because we use
crispy tasty crackers. Further, we spread curry chocolate which
is yummy, soft and smooth on top of the crispy tasty crackers.
When we eat biscuits with these two combinations together, we

find that the taste is smooth and great. In addition, our group
gets the best texture in all grades 1o.
6. Which mayonnaise flavor and presentation do you think was
the most successful in your class? Why?
Ans. I think Sriracha Cheese is the most successful flavor and
presentation is my class because their food has good taste.
Besides, they decorate the food very nice by using fired chickens
and vegetable to be a side dish.
7. Your body is mostly made of water. What happens when you
eat fat? If fat is non-polar and water is polar, how do you digest
fat? Research what emulsifier your body uses to solve this
problem and explain.
Ans. When we eat fat, it will separate apart with water in our
stomach. Our body use bile and Lipase from liver and pancreas
to digest fat by making fat split into granule.

Our mayonnaise got a good result and the texture is very great.
We got the best texture in all grade and received 3rd teacher’s
choice voted in the class. However, we had a minor problem
that is we added too much lime juice. This can turn our tasty

and delicious mayonnaise to be a little bit sour. If we have
chance to make it again, we will put less lime juice and try to
use another type of curry. We have learned about emulsifier,
which is egg yolk; it helps vinegar and oil mixed well together. It
was a good experience to make homemade mayonnaise with

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