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ELG 4137

Assignment 1
Due date: January 31st, 2015

Question 1.
Consider the following NMOS circuit.
VDD = 5V

L = 40 m
W = 10 m

L = 10 m
W = 10 m

L = 10 m
W = 10 m

a) Calculate the output voltage Vout when Vi = 0 V.
b) Calculate the output voltage Vout when Vi = VDD V.

and three one-bit outputs. A < B. A = B. A > B.0 x 10-6 cm Threshold voltage of NMOS transistors: Vth 1. Design a basic cell of a 1-bit comparator using static CMOS gates that allows modular expansion of the comparator to N-bits. A and B. Typical circuit parameters for Questions 1 and 2: n = 500 cm2/V-sec.Question 2. For the standard NMOS 2-input NAND gate. Note that N can be a large number.0V Threshold voltage of PMOS transistors: Vth -1. An N-bit comparator compares two N-bit numbers A and B and indicates whether the numbers are equal or which of the numbers is greater. • VDD Q3 L= 40 m W= 5 m • VOUT V2 Q2 L= 5 m W= 5 m V1 Q1 L= 5 m W= 5 m Question 3.0V Vdep -4. determine the output voltage of the circuit when both inputs V1 and V2 are tied to VDD = 5V. Hence there are two N-bit inputs to the comparator.54 x 10-13 F/cm Tox = 5. = 3.0V .