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Alpha Sigma Alpha Gamma Lambda – Chapter Minutes

Chapter Date: February 21, 2016
Meeting called to order at: 6:04 pm
Current Balance: $14,161.29
Ritual Quote: “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and
without fear for newer and richer experience.”
Executive Board Reports:
President: Andreya DeLarco
●I apologize for being absent from today's meeting, I have to be home with my family for a
personal matter.
●Please give a warm welcome to our leadership consultant, Aubrey, who will be here this
week. She is a great resource for our chapter, so feel free to reach out to her! Members who
have scheduled meetings with her, please refer to the schedule I sent you last week so you
can plan accordingly for you meeting with her.
○We have a presentation and a workshop facilitated by Aubrey this week.
One will be this Tuesday, February 23rd at 7:30PM, and the second one will be
Thursday, February 25th at 7:30PM. They will both be in Mundelein 514. Please send
any excuses to by tomorrow at 5PM. The only valid
excuses are class and work so please plan accordingly.
●As a reminder, we have a Risk Management activity for Probation next Sunday,
February 28th after Chapter. The Executive Board will be presenting Alpha Sigma Alpha Risk
Management policies, and each member will sign an agreement to adhere to these policies.
Everyone needs to be there, including Senior Status women. We need at least 90% attendance
at all Probation activities in order to consider any sanction fulfilled-that is 92 women. To put it
into perspective, at our chapter meetings, we average out to around 65 members. Please
remember how your absence can affect the whole chapter. If you know someone who is not at
chapter today, please have this discussion with them. Holding each other accountable will
benefit both us as individual members and the chapter.
●National Convention and Leadership Conference will be July 6-9th in Orlando, Florida.
Headquarters has invited four members as well as JV to attend. Anne and I will be attending,
but we would like to open up the opportunity to all members and find two more women join us.
NCLC is a great leadership experience. Attendees will be able to unite with other ASA's for a
week of sisterhood, service, and personal development. If you attend, the chapter will cover
your registration fee along with the hotel accommodations package (which includes meals
each day). The only part of the trip you would be responsible for paying for is your flight to and
from Florida as well as any extra spendings. For the early bird registration fee, we must
register by Tuesday, March 1st. If you would like to attend, please send me an email at by next Sunday, February 28th, with a paragraph stating why you
would like to attend. Whoever shows interest first will be selected, as long as you are in good
standing with the chapter. I understand that this is a lot to think about, and I encourage you to
look at the Alpha Sigma Alpha National page at Please feel free to reach out to me for
any questions about this as well!
●Finally, Janine Myers, one of our Sorority and Fraternity Life Coordinators, reached out to
all chapter presidents about applying to be a member of Student Alumni Ambassadors, a new
group on campus that will give undergraduate students the opportunity to build connections
with alumni who can be leaders for future professional careers. I strongly encourage some of
you to apply and get involved not only as women of Alpha Sigma Alpha, but women with focus

and purpose for your futures. Applications are due Friday, February 26th. Here are the links to
the Student Alumni Ambassador website as well as the application:
VP of PR and Recruitment: Monika Palle
● I talked to Christy Adams from National HQ about COB.
o Create recruitment teams.
o Assign a specific week to two teams.
o Have them plan a very informal hangout that they invite PNM’s to.
▪ ex: coffee
▪ ex: watching the bachelor
o Don’t add anything else to the calendar
● Met with Astrid (our Panhellenic advisor) on Wednesday about COB.
o She said we should talk to National HQ about how a timeline in terms of
membership education would work.
▪ After getting more information we’ll make a decision on if
we’re going to have a second new member class this year or just have them
come back next year for informal.
● We would still do COB regardless.
VP of Alumnae and Heritage: Tori Joseph
● No report
VP of Programming and Ritual: Anne Miller
● We have passed the deadline for excused absences for retreat and therefore are no
longer accepting them.
● An unexcused absence during a sanction related activity is an automatic standards issue
and will be treated as such. (This includes our presentation from the Wellness Center on 3/28).
● We need 90% attendance at this sanctions and that means we must have 92 out of 102
girls there for the activity to count. If we don’t fulfill the activities due to lack of participation, there
may not be a chance to make these up, this truly is our last chance.
● A reminder to committees, new members will be ASSIGNED committees and cannot
informally join form for past conflicting information. All actives who want to informally join a
second committee must email me to be added to the group.
VP of Membership Education: Gina Chan
● Big/little prefs are due NOW (aka 6pm Sunday the 21st)
● I’ll do my best to get big’s the info by tonight or tomorrow
● Remember big little reveal is next Sunday after chapter in Mund. 14th floor
Secretary: Mihaela Tshobanova
● Color coding system:
○ Red: mandatory event
○ Blue: Panhellenic/Greek community event
○ Orange: other sorority or fraternity event
○ Green: service event or fundraiser (non-Greek)
○ Purple: ASA optional event
Treasurer: Iliana Avalos
● 65% of girls have paid dues for this month, just a reminder that dues are due the 28th.
Please let me know if you have any trouble getting in your billhighway accounts.
● I will present the budget later and explain where everything is going to.

Chair Reports:

Parliamentarian: Maddie Wise
● No report
Panhellenic Delegate: Genna Gruendeman
● This Monday the 22nd, Delta Phi Lambda from MGC is tabling in Damen starting at 11am.
They will be selling Krispy Kreme donuts.
● Everyone go on OrgSync and sign up to be on “Sorority and Fraternity life” link.
● PanHellenic Cabinet applications opened Wednesday night and are open until Feb 24th.
Please apply and don’t leave it until the last minute. We need more Alpha Sigs represented in the
PanHellenic Council. Positions include scholarship, philanthropy, community service, and risk
management. The link is on OrgSync under the PanHellenic Council portal.
● Greek conduct board applications will be coming up later in the semester.
● Greeks for a Good Cause
o Clothing drive March 14-29
o Soup Kitchen March 20 from 12pm-4pm
● Greek Awards are April 15th
o Please nominate a sister or an advisor who has committed 100% all
o Nominations close March 4th .
● Everyone please like LUC PanHellenic on Facebook and follow them on instagram.
o There will be a St. Patrick’s Day contest coming up soon with prizes.
● I posted the link for the PanHellenic t-shirts in #winning. Order them before it closes.
● There was a 2/3 vote to approve total so right now our total is set at 175.
● Lastly, we are thinking of doing a PanHellenic wide recruitment video. More details to
Public Relations: Danielle Zoeller
● No report
Editor/Historian: Bernadette Hoffman
● If you ordered Bid-Day photos and I have not received the money from you please give it
to me after chapter or as soon as possible. I need to have it paid by the 24th.
Scholarship: Miranda Hoffman
● The Dean’s List Certificates are in!
● I will be presenting the changes to the Scholarship Plan for voting.
● The Major Sisters Spreadsheet is on the Master Google Doc so it is at your disposal. If
you haven’t filled that out please do so.
● Geek of the Week: Jenny Pineda nominated by Victoria Steinau!
○ Victoria said: "I have been to the IC four times this week and every time I
go, I run into Jenny either studying or getting ready to study. She has also made an effort
to be present at various events throughout the week concerning ASA. I am impressed by
her ability to balance especially because she, along with the other members, were just
thrown into a crazy week with several events for our chapter! I am excited to see what
Jenny brings to our chapter.”
○ Congrats Jenny! Prize: choice of $5 Starbucks or Sprinkles Gift Card
● Thank you to those who sent in nominations! I will post the other nominations on
Facebook because those ladies deserve their recognition as well. Keep nominating. Duplicates
are welcome.
● Next Library Night is March 2nd!
Social: Jenna Kmiec
● Thanks to everyone who came to the DSP Exchange!
● We currently have two more dates through the end of the semester. One will be an
exchange with SAE and the other will be a sisterhood event. I have yet to hear back from SAE's
social chair on which of the two dates he would like but definitely mark down Tuesday March
22nd and Thursday April 21st!
Semi-Formal /Formal: Daniella Amato

● We no longer will be able to have the Hard Rock for formal. A new plan is being worked
on. More details to follow.
Service and Giving: Annie Koehne
● Insomnia Cookie fundraiser is all day tomorrow! No flyer is needed and you also do not
have to mention ASA. We get a portion from all online and in store sales throughout the whole
day. So keep sharing the flyer I put on #Important and tell your friends!! The more we share it and
talk about it the more money we will raise!
● Keep working on your service hours. Let me know if you need help finding volunteering
● LBO-Nicole Hardwick
○ If you have not done so already, please sign up for you LBO shirts, the
link is on the Master Google Drive. I would like a total count by Tuesday, February 24. We
will be reusing the shirts from last year, so only sign up if you joined our chapter in this
past academic year, you were abroad last spring or if you misplaced your old one.
■ If you lost your old shirt you will be billed through
Billhighway for a replacement.
○ The Facebook event is now live- YAY so please go on and invite anyone
you know.
■ The link to collect online donations is on there as well as
team registration.
● My committee and I are reaching out to
every student organization on campus, but if you are in other
organizations please invite everyone to our event (via Facebook and
announcements at their meetings).
○ Please start thinking about where to get donations from/reaching out to
those companies. The Donation Location form is on the Master Google Drive as a guide
& has every company around LSC and WTC listed, so there is no reason for you to not
sign up!
■ I need volunteers for sorority canvas/fraternity coolers so
please stay after if you would like to do that!
○ If you think you might be interested in being the LBO Chairwoman next
year, let’s chat! The planning of an event this large should ideally happen year round!
Ritual: Suzie Dahleh
● No report
Sisterhood/Standards: Eleni Rigsby
● Hope you had a fun time at the sisterhood event last week! I think it was a good way to
get to know both new members and other actives!
● Please keep emailing me your excuses for chapter and whatnot.
Risk Management: Emily Sarsok
● Make sure your social media is clean! Big/Little reveal is coming up so watch for the risk
management plan for that!
Housing: Anna Freitag
● No report
CAN Delegate: Abby Sumagui
● No report

Old Business:

EBI Assessments during new business.
○ Please take some time to fill this survey out, it will be very helpful.


New Business:
● Budget

What is the programming fee?
■ For National Headquarters Programming.
○ What is the housing budget for?
■ Storage unit and LC Visits.
○ Ritual Budget not enough?
■ Savings account can be used for permanent items.
○ Our Conference budget covers the trips to LDI, District Day, ect.
○ Formal budget?
■ Change expectations to keep the budget do able.
○ Budget passes!
Scholarship Plan
○ Questions: Is this semester by semester or cumulative GPA?
■ Both semester and cumulative GPA are taken into
○ Discussion:
■ We go to Loyola for grades first
■ Our GPA is a 2.6
■ Goal to raise GPA for E-board back to 3.0
○ Scholarship Plan Passes!

● Eleni: Sisterhood event with JV’s students.
● Rachel: Please come get your paddles.
● Gina: New Members please come get your pins.
● Adrian: Think about signing up for Panhellenic Cabinet, it's a lot of fun.
Important Dates:
February 22nd
Fundraiser at Insomnia Cookies
February 21st-28th LC visit
February 23rd & 25th LC Workshop at 7:30 MUND 514
February 28th
Risk Management Probation Sanction during Chapter
February 28th
Big Little reveal after Mundelein 14th floor
March 2nd
Library Night
March 18th
LBO in Halas at 6pm
March 20th
Alcohol Probation Sanction during Chapter
March 22nd
Exchange or Sisterhood event
March 28th
Wellness Center Probation Sanction
April 2nd-3rd
April 16th
Formal at the Hard Rock Hotel
April 21st
Exchange or Sisterhood event
Important Links:
Master Google Doc:
Service Hours Sheet:
Relay for Life:
Student Alumni Ambassador Application and Website:
Meeting Closed at: 7:43 pm