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The Coordinator
BBA Deptt.

Subject: Report on conflict between the students of BBA IVth Semester.

Respected Sir,
With reference to your forwarded applications of Rajneesh Shukla and Musheer
Ahmad of BBA IVth Sem who were accused of involvement in indisciplinary
activity in the college premises,as per your order, I have attached a detailed report
after the inquiry with the staff members and taking into consideration the video
clipping of the college who were present when the incident took place.
The investigation took one week because of unavailability of student
Musheer, Rajneesh and potential witnesses. All potential witnesses have been
interviewed are listed below:

Brij Srivastava, Librarian

Khalid, Office Executive
Suyash Shukla (IVth)
Sneha Bajpai
Smriti Shukla (IVth)
Ayush Sharma (IVth)
Prakhar Awasthi (IVth)

The statements of above listed staff members and students have been enclosed with
the report.
Thank you
BBA faculty

11:40AM: as per the time table schedule at 11:40 am after the BBA faculty left the
IVth Research Methodolgy class, Rajneesh Shukla came downstrairs, Musheer also
came downstairs and was accompanied by fellow student Smriti Shukla and Sneha
Bajpai. Musheer told that Rajneesh with his mother and sister began to provoke
him. Both his mother and sister were shouting at their high pitch, they used words
to insult the students (Musheer) background, personality as well as his family and
tried to hit him. These facts are supported by the written statement of student
Musheer and his classmates
11:45AM: within next four minutes the whole scene came into the notice of
Principal and other staff members who came and dispersed the students and tried to
sort out the matter. This fact is supported by the written statement of Brijesh
Srivastava, Librarian.
After the analysis of the statements given by the staff members and
classmates of both the students who were present when the incident took place it
seems that guardians of Rajneesh misbehaved with Musheer and other fellow
students. It would have been better if they had met the Coordinator in case they
had grievances against Musheer. It was not appropriate on their part to had a heated
and aggressive conversation with a student in the college premises. It would be
better if the higher authority frames some strict disciplinary rules. So that no such
incident occurs in near future.