title 1 Protective relaying, principles & appliocations 2 Symmetrical components 3 Power Quality 4 Power System Control and Stability 5 Power system stability & control 6 Power System Capacitors 7 Electrical Power Systems 8 Electrical Power cable engineering 9 Analysis of faulted power systems 10 EHV AC transmission engineering 11 Power Plant Engineering (Black & Veatch) 12 J & P Transformer book Transmission line reference book (200kV and above)-Red book 13 3rd edition 14 Power electronics 15 modern power station practice: volumes A to L 16 Handbook of Large Turbo-Generator Operation and Maintenance 17 Power System Stability, Volumes I, II, III 18 System Grounding, Ground Fault Protection and Electrical Safety 19 Industrial Power System Grounding Design Handbook 20 Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems 21 Insulation Coordination for power systems 22 Guide for new Design of Transmission Line Towers in India 23 Manual on Gas Insulated Sub Station 24 Manual on Basic Electrical Design Features for Thermal Power Station Manual on Reliable Fault Clearance and back up 25 Protection of EHV and UHV Transmission Networks 26 Manual on Transmission Line Coordination of Protective Relays in Generating Stations and 27 Transmission Networks 28 Manual on Substation Layout 29 manual on earthing of AC power systems

authors J. Lewis Blackburn J. Lewis Blackburn C. Sankaran P M Anderson, A A Fouad Prabha Kundur Ramaswami Natarajan Debapriya das William A. Thue P M Anderson R D Begamudre Lawrence Drbal, Patricia Boston et al Martin J Heathcote EPRI P S Bhimra British Electricity International Geoff Klempner, Isidor Kerszenbaum Edward Wilson Kimbark John P. Nelson, P. K. Sen J.R. Dunki-Jacobs John P. Nelson, P. K. Sen Andrew R Hileman GP-239 GP-284 GP-145 GP-296 GP-268 TRP-115 GP-299 Pub No. 302

publishers Taylor & Francis CRC press IOWA state university press McGraw Hill Taylor & Francis new age international publishers Marcel Dekker John Wiley & sons new age international publishers Springer Newnes EPRI Pergamon Wiley - IEEE press Wiley - IEEE press Wiley - IEEE press Wiley - IEEE press marcel dekker CBIP CBIP CBIP CBIP CBIP CBIP CBIP cbip

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