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(Co)homology Groups of Subsets of

Vladimer Baladze Ruslan Tsinaridze
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Departments of Mathematics, Batumi, Georgia,

n (X, A; G) and the Cech

n (X, A; G)
The Cech
cohomology group H
homology group H
of pair (X, A) of topological spaces ([4],[5]) are defined as the direct limit of the system
{H n (X , A ; G), H n (p ), cov(X, A)}
and inverse limit of the system
{Hn (X , A ; G), Hn (p ), cov(X, A)},
where H n (X , A ; G) and Hn (X , A ; G) are n-dimensional simplicial cohomology and
homology groups of nerves of open coverings cov(X, A) and H n (p ) and Hn (p )
are homomorphisms induced by the refinement map p : of covering into
covering .
We prove the following
Theorem. For each closed pair (X, A) of metric spaces
n (X, A; G) = lim{H n (U, V ; G), H n (iU V,U V ), N b(X, A))}

n (X, A; G) = lim{Hn (U, V ; G), H n (iU V,U V ), N b(X, A))},

where N b(X, A) is the set of all open neighbourhoods (U, V ) of pair (X, A) in some pair
(M, N ) of ANR-spaces and H n (iU V,U V ) and Hn (iU V,U V ) are homomorphisms induced
by the inclusion maps iU V,U V : (U, V ) (U , V ).

Here we also define Cech

(co)homology groups with bounded (compact) supports
and check out the Eilenberg-Steenrod axioms and prove the existence of Mayer-Vietoris

Note that in this form Cechs

(co)homology groups arise in the (co)homology theory
of retracts.
Besides, we study the formal properties of defined groups (cf.[1]) and duality problems
of retracts theory ([2],[3],[6]).
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