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Brought to you by: ET coat Featuring art by Tommy LeBlanc why they you and help you .. you're stopped by state troopers, off-duty police like the IFAYOUJARE/}STOPPED) BYsTHE NOPD: m=) 7 stopped WM you. If ——] you end up being later in " court. GOOD TO KNOW: There are lots of different law _ private patrols, or even Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), you can ALWAYS ask why you were stopped, not ask the officer | the officer . does not respond to arrested, this could © — enforcement agencies in New Orleans- especially in the French Quarter. Each agency has their own policies but no matter if consent to any searches, and REMAIN SILENT if questioned. GENDER”: ANOTE ON “WALKING WHILE TRANS! “Walking while transgender” is not reasonable suspicion to stop you. NOPD. Policy 402 states that “Officers shall not use an ividual's actual or perceived gender identity, or sexual ori: ition as reasonable suspicion or probable cause that an individual is or has engaged in any crime.” (Read more at ) 25? Experience with the system? Become a 2 Age 13- : pees 7 BreakOUT! Hit us up for more info! TET HESOFFICER\CONTINUESTOMALK TON OU) BUT HAS) NOTGIVEN)YOUSA’ REASON/FOR'STOPPING YOU: Politely ask the officer, "Am I free to go?” TRAIHE OFFICER: SAYSINO Politely ask, "Am I under arrest?” TEATHE OFFICER SAYS YES™ Politely E ask, "What y ) is the = charge?” 7 GOOD TO KNOW: Its important to understand that the police are "not required to answer you when you ask if you are free to go. They (\ "may continue asking questions. Legally, you may walk away- but it is ~<* up to you to decide if it will be safe to do so. If they physically attempt to detain you, do not resist. Tell your lawyer exactly what happened later. Florida v. Royer states that while it is legal for the police to target and approach a person based on their behavior, they cannot “detain” an individual without a warrant. ORT WHEN SHOULD I REP ENCOUNTERS WITH THE NOPD? WHENEVER you are stopped and the police don’t give you a reason for stopping you. WHENEVER you are searched inappropriately. WHENEVER the police disrespect you or don’t call you by the right name or pronoun or put their hands on you. mu. You can read Policy 402 at fy Oo OR just scan this code! fl More Know Your Rights info for LGBTQ youth at 7 e(=sinelek ee GR Report issues to BreakOUT! : = Call (504) 252-9025 = Come to our space at 1001 S. Broad St. #119 (M-F) ara eRe TRO MMI FetER NNN LeeLee) K=r-1 Cole ee) K | = Facebook or tweet us @youthBreakOUT * You can report all complaints anonymously! * ANYWAY- OLICE ARE GOING TO STOP M' mA ‘ANT TO KNOW MY 2 s I IMPORT WHY : RIGHTS BECAUSE things will never get better if we don’t start exercising our rights and advocating for ourselves when it is safe to do so. BECAUSE there are things we can say or do to help make our interactions with the police as short as possible and get away safely. BECAUSE even if it doesn’t prevent us from being arrested, it can help us beat our charges later in court. BECAUSE we deserve to be safe, respected, and treated with dignity. TRAN OFFICERSIS) DISRESPECTEULTO YOU": Remain calm. Try not to escalate the situation, make sudden movements, or talk back to the officer. ask the officer to use the proper name and pronoun to refer to you, even if itis not what is on your LD. GOOD TO KNOW: Policy 402 states that officers have to use your chosen name and pronoun. If OZ) an officer isn’t sure what you would like to be called, NI they’re supposed to ask if in a polite and professional Lad manner. \ \ Policy 402 also states that when doing a same-gender search, officers have to respect your gender identity. So if you’re a transwoman, you can request a female officer to search you. Gender searches- searches to determine your sex or gender- are never allowed. IFJANJOFFICER\WANTS\TOJSEARGH YOU/ORSYOURSSTUFES: Politely say to the officer, “I do not consent to this search.” Although the Officer may search you anyway, this could help you later in court. Policy 402 states that officers should NOT subject transgender individuals to more invasive or more frequent frisk procedures than anyone else. And they CAN NEVER. frisk or search you to determine your biological sex or genitalia. 9 GOOD TO KNOW: The #” Amendment protects you from 1 “unreasonable search and seizure.” But, YOU HAVE TO SAY IT ~* QUT LOUD. Just being quiet is the same as consenting to a search. TRAYOU)ARE UNDER’ ARRESI.-- You should stop talking altogether. Everything you say will be used against you. Say, “I'd like to remain silent until I can speak with a lawyer.” Once you're in court, you'll get a lawyer. GOOD TO KNOW: The 5” Amendment guarantees your right against self-incrimination (giving information about yourself that could get you in _~ trouble) and affords you your right to REMAIN SILENT. ALKING W = NOT A CRIME! General Safety Tips: * Some people have called 911 while they were being harassed by the police and felt unsafe, That way, they knew the conversation would be recorded for use later in court. Other people have discreetly recorded the conversation on their cell phones or called someone so they could listen as a witness to the conversation. * Know your surroundings- if you are stopped by the police and feel unsafe, look to see if there are any stores that are open, crime cameras or private security cameras, or other bystanders. * Remember, the police don't always have to truthfully answer you, but you cant lie to the police! * Tf you are at the store and fear you may be stopped on your way home, ask the store derk for your receipt and carry it with you. * Our goal is always to make the interaction with the police as short and safe as possible- the number one priority is YOUR safety! Trust your instincts. This is not legal advice. Always consult a lawyer. KNOW YOUR 1 TO COME DO A FREE WANT BR AINING WITH YOUR COMMUNITY GROUP 1 OR SCHOOL? HITLUS UP: NOLA 70125 1 / 1001 S. Broad St. #119 / oe eat J59-9025 www.youthbreakout.ord | :