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Site Suitability Analysis of Solid Waste Management

of Jaipur City Using GIS
The management of municipal solid waste has become an acute problem due to enhanced
economic activities and rapid urbanization. Increased attention has been given by the
government in recent years to handle this problem in a safe and hygienic manner. The
municipal solid waste management is becoming a challenging task for the Jaipur Municipal
Corporation, mainly due to the rapid growth of population, urbanization and
industrialization. Current land filling site is located at Langadiawas, which is not in the
condition to accommodate such tremendous amount of waste. Many problems are arising
such as leach ate percolation, odor, pollution etc in the area. To find a suitable site for the
disposal of solid waste has also become challenging task. For proper identification and
selection of appropriate sites for landfills careful and systematic procedures need to be
followed and adopted. Wrong siting of landfill many result in environmental degradation
and often time public oppositions.
There would be certain factor which would be taken into account while locating the new
site such as geology, geomorphology, and socio economic factors. By taking such factors
into consideration we are able to give unique, environmental friendly solutions to the
problem related to solid waste disposal site. In this study, attempts have been made to
determine sites that are appropriate for landfill siting in Jaipur City, Rajasthan, by
combining Geographic Information System (GIS) and multi criteria decision method for
the determination of relative importance weights of factors (Criteria). The land suitability
output is presented from less suitable to most suitable sites. The final map produced shows
areas that are suitable for land fill siting. The results showed the efficacy of GIS and multi
criteria decision making method in decision making.