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Report 11 description

Item Description:
Missisquoi County Historical Society, Stanbridge East, Quebec, 1970.
Missisquoi County Historical Society report no. 11; 127 pages; illustrations; contents
* Activities of M.C.H.S. cemetery committee, 1966-69
* The Cornell Mill Museum, Stanbridge East *
The historic cannon at the museum
* Premier Bertrand inaugurates Cantic-Noyan bridge
* The orchards of Frelighsburg
* North Pinnacle * North Pinnacle cheese factory
* Dr. Gustave Gerin-Lajoie * Bedford
* Lambkin Furniture, Riceburg
* Emmerich-Emrick genealogy
*Cornell family
* The life history of Rev. Francis N. Jersey
* The first Sherrer in Canada, North Pinnacle
* Here and there in the county newspapers
* Missisquoi roads
* Notes on Sir John Johnson
* La seigneurie de Monnoir et ses seigneurs
* Charles Caleb Cotton, 1775-1848
* The Missisquoi County council
* Invitation to Guthrie
* !00th anniversary of last Fenian raid, May 25, 1870
* Typographical notes of the surveyor-general of Lower Canada, Joseph Bouchette,
* Margaret Sanborn, artist and musician, 1861-1949; softcover; fine condition.