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The name may suggest it is a Govt of India company but Bharat Bijlee it is not.

A Mumbai based private sector company, it is a leading electri

engineering unit, making transformers, projects, electric motors, elevator systems and drives & automation
The sudden perk up on interest on the counter is on account of its turnaround performance for Q3Fy16. The company posted a net profit of Rs.9 crore
loss of Rs.4 crore in previous Q3 and profit of Rs.67 lakh in Q2. This was mainly on account of the 21% (YoY) jump in total revenue earned at Rs.205 crore. It also manag
its operating costs well as it was kept at 95% of total revenue earned compared to it exceeding the revenue earlier.
It has two divisions Power Systems and Industrial Systems. The Power segment showed a 34% rise in revenue and EBIT showed a 8 times rise. The Industrial segm
did not do as well - revenue rose less than 2% and EBIT showed a 34% decline.

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