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Charade Title Song From The Stanley Donen Production Lyrics by A Universal Release JOHNNY MERCER Benee MATCH Moderate Waltz P paid |, 44 tidi, dd : ‘When we played our ‘CHA - RADE We were like _————— pid iss iesil, Lid bs) By Bm E7 } dif: cei, bb ) os) Bal” Br Bn Ee eam act-ing out names, Guess-ing the parts we played as Copyright © 1963 Southdale Musle Corp. & Northern Musle Corp. International Copyright Secured Engraved & Printed in U. 8. A. All Rights Reserved os) 6s) os) Bn? Br Bat BY Ba? EB? os Bm? Be RT Am Dar or © seemed to pull the mete reer Am Dm or c ° Dat a and you were gone—___ dark - ened wings 3 — Sad lit- tle se - Song of my hearts com- a 2 oan pedi de lt sd st] ds lt dd |, i bs) bs) Br But Br Bm 7 pos-ing———— il I al-ways will