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If every letter of R.A.C.E.

counted for 1 point, how

many points would you give the following
Question- Which of the boycotters demands did city leaders find threatening?


*On first read, this response seems complete. Unfortunately, it would likely earn only a 1/4, or a 2/4 if
the student was very lucky. The students response is correct, but the chosen support quote
contradicts the answers accuracy to the point that it appears incorrect. The quote does not support
threatening or even a conflict. The students explanation sentence also contradicts the quote by
stating that city leaders would not give in to Blacks, but the quote clearly states that the seating chart
was already in practice.
As explained to students, ISTEP scorers are NOT given the entire text, but rather a few possible correct
answers. Though the students quote is from the same paragraph, there is not enough
information/explanation to act as support for the answer. Having a correct answer is NEVER enough
for full credit on ISTEP. No support/evidence, no point.
Take care though, just having a quote is not enough. Text evidence MUST match/support
the answer.