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Names of students inthe group PERO = = Directions: With your group, consider the following questions. Write down all ideas, no matter how ‘out there they seem, 1, What constitutes a fragment? o litte pece of Somethins, bo - bwken (glass) Sentence fragment Not Conplese Once was Whole, bot now peces 2. Can fragments be joined and stil be considered a fragment? Explain. ANOS to Wer eis - no longer UW = \ usr \yec Ouse VECeES eur together - - isnt nec, — patito buns Compete, aware =wnen put Voce together ind . peces co ake tented -mave a ‘orqger Lager 2. How can fragment be ned natn? - Voren Kins -~ co — AGferent pichresto Make one bw one Show Soon deshoyed/ ordre ny —\ivy aint geen) ~ ArCerenr sizes/textwe +o make o collage — Gngerrs ot om color ~— Stared gases Jo SOAT ‘4, What meaning can using fragments convery? ~use 4 wake Standool —Woken Weare —-lowxen / destroyed SLindindvualisen NE cometruns, NOY Compahe [messing BCs vemoewlec all & Ur mite: . apo. pole Spal we