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Effects of Moles, Marks, Signs, etc.

, for Men and Women

Maharishi Parashara said: O Maitreya! Now I will describe to you the effects of
moles, marks, spots, and signs found on the body of women and men.
2-3. A mole, spot, or figure formed by hair on the left side of a woman and right side of a
man is auspicious. If there is mole on the chest of a woman, she will be fortunate. A woman
who has a red mark like a mole etc., on her right breast, begets many children (sons and
daughters) and she is blessed with all kinds of enjoyments and comforts.

The woman who has a red mark (mole) on her left breast begets only one son.


The woman who has a mole on her right breast begets many daughters and sons.

There will be gain or acquisition of a kingdom if there is a red mole etc., on the
forehead or in the middle of (between) the eye brows. The person will enjoy sweet
preparations if there is such a mark on the cheeks.
7-10. The woman who has a red mark (mole etc.) on her nose becomes consort of a king
(or high dignitary). If the mark is blackish, the woman concerned becomes an adulteress or
widow. All the marks below the navel are auspicious for both men and women. If there are
moles etc., on the ears, cheeks or neck of a man, his first issue will be male and he will
enjoy good fortune and happiness. The man who has moles etc., in the thighs, suffers
The woman who has the sign of trident on her forehead becomes a queen. Such a
mark on the forehead of a man makes him a king.

A right turned circular hair formation on heart, navel, hands, right part of the back,
and in the portion between sex organ and navel, is auspicious. Left turned formation is
13-14. Such hair formation on the waist and private parts proves inauspicious. If such a
formation is on the stomach, the woman concerned will become a widow. If it is in the
center of the back she will become an adulteress. It will be inauspicious if it is on the neck,
forehead, or center of the head.
A man with indications of short life, will get his longevity prolonged by marrying a
woman with auspicious or lucky marks/symbols.
(Excerpts from Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra)