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Criminal Court of the City of Syracuse Felony Compiaint People ofthe State of New York pra 16-169685 vs. Ryan Lawrence Defendant 08/22/1991 op, State of New York —) County of Onondaga) l Det Thomas Skardinski the complainant herein, accuse Ryan Lawrence the DEFENDANT in this action, and charge, upon information and belie? that on or about 20 February 2016 at about 16:00 inthe afternoon, at 1000 Vatley Drive CITY OF SYRACUSE, COUNTY OF ONONDAGA, STATE OF NEW YORK, the DEFENDANT committed the offense of Murder in the Second Degree in violation of Section 128251) ofthe Penal Law. ‘The source of Complainant's information and beliefare derived from: To wit On the above mentioned date, and location between 1600 and 2200 hrs the above named defendant, Ryan Lawrence admitting to committing the crime of murder in the second degree. Lawrence with intent to cause the death of his 21 month year old daughter, Maddox Lawrence admitted to causing such death. Ryan Lawrence further admitted to disposing of the childs body in the creekwalk located within Onondaga Lake. Subsequently a childs body was removed from the lake at the same location Lawrence admitted to disposing of the child ‘The above mentioned actions by the defendant, Ryan Lawrence constitute the crime of Murde! is a Class A1 Felony. the Second Degree, w! 1) WHEREFORE I REQUEST THAT CRIMINAL PROCESS BE ISSUED TO COMPEL THE DEFENDANT TO ANSWER THE SBORESAID ACCUSATION, NOTE: Fa satements made herein are punishable sa Class A misdemeanor pursuant to sestion 210.45 ofthe Penal Law ofthe Sis Neyeyork wee AFFIRMED UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY this, Ze 2, Wa ra 2nd dayof_Eshouwy 20K ou &, eae we & a eg COMPLAINANT