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Date 2/24/16


Yesterday's Prophecies - Today's Headlines



Gazan economic crisis could lead to new security deterioration,

MI chief warns

Hamas blasts Fatah official over threats to forcibly end its rule in

Possible Jerusalem attack thwarted: Two pipe bombs found at

Herod's Gate

Sweden increases financial support for Palestinians

Slashed US funding for missile defense systems threatens

Israel's security

Canadian Parliament overwhelmingly passes anti-BDS motion

Why Russia may be a smart business partner for Israel

Ya'alon: U.S., Russia Recognize Israel's Freedom of Action in


Assad assures Putin of 'readiness' to respect Syria ceasefire

Syrian monitor estimates more than 370,000 dead in war

Kerry tells lawmakers Syria cease-fire is no slam dunk

Kerry warns of escalation, and of US action, if Syria talks fail

Kerry: US has 'Plan B' options if Syria transition does not happen

US envoy says Islamic State trying to draw foreign fighters to


'ISIS planting bombs inside copies of Koran'

Islamic State rigs currency rates in Mosul to prop up finances

Britain says uneasy after evidence of Kurdish coordination with

Syria and Russia

Syrian opposition says Russia steps up bombing despite truce


EU's Mogherini: War between Russia and Turkey could be on the


Saudi Arabia to its citizens: Leave Lebanon at once

N. Korea pledges attack on US mainland if 'high-density strike'

military drills go ahead

China sends fighter jets to contested island in South China Sea

Report: Iranian Revolutionary Guards planning attack on Saudi

airliner in Southeast Asia

Iran's Khamenei calls for parliament that stands up to the West

4 indicted in US on charges of violating Iran sanctions

Kerry: Iran getting less than $50 billion in cash after nuclear deal

Iran oil minister says output freeze plan is 'laughable'

Saudi Oil Minister Rules Out Possibility of Production Cuts

Oil prices fall as OPEC squabbles over output targets, crude

stocks swell

Fed's Fischer Says `Still Early' to Judge Impact of Market Woes

Fed's Fischer says market turmoil may pass with little economic

Japan's Negative Interest Rates Are Driving up Sales of Safes

Governments of the World are Coming for Your Cash

Close Gitmo? Obama puts our national security at risk to fulfill

campaign promise

Nevada Republicans angry at caucus chaos

Republicans vow no vote, hearing on Obama Supreme Court pick

McConnell: Not a 'snowball's chance in hell' I'll relent on


Biden argued against weighing Supreme Court nomination during

1992 campaign

Judge orders Clinton aides to be questioned under oath on


Kerry: Clinton email probe 'tying up international diplomats'

U.S. judge orders discovery to go forward over Clinton's private

email system

Apple will argue that the FBI's court order violates its free-speech

Judge's order could expose 10M California schoolkids' personal

info, say critics

NKU student wants to be first with chip implanted

Internet by light promises to leave Wi-Fi eating dust

Google, Yahoo clash with 'blunt' ad-blocking firm

Largest fireball since Chelyabinsk plunges through atmosphere

over Atlantic

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits South of Australia

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Ternate, Indonesia

Magnitude 4.9 quake hits near Bakersfield, California: USGS

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 17,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Alaid volcano on the Kuril Islands erupts to to 10,000ft

Tornadoes kill 3, injure dozens in Louisiana, Mississippi

UK nurse who had Ebola hospitalized again for 'complication'

Brazil plans to zap mosquitoes with radiation to halt spread of

Zika virus

CDC Reports 14 New Cases of Sexually Transmitted Zika in U.S.

HHS: Immigrants with HIV, STDs welcome

CDC: 1 in 2 Black Gay Men in US Will Be Diagnosed With HIV

Justin Trudeau announces he'll be first Canadian PM to march in

a gay pride parade

Same-Sex Couples' Tax Woes Expose the LGBT Lie

Doctors claim legalising some genital mutilation may help girls

Sex and consent: poll finds victim-blaming rife among young


Polygamous sect's leaders arrested on fraud charges


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Featured Article: "Peace and Safety" Then
Sudden Destruction
Christ at The Checkpoint 2016: Self-Inflicted
Are the Jews of Today Really Descendants of
Abraham Who Should Inherit the Land?
Israel says Iran building terror network in Europe,
Nearing Midnight: Supreme Court About to
Become a Kangaroo Court
100 Foot Asteroid Could Pass Earth 20 Times
Closer Than the Moon at 34,000 MPH On March

Daily Jot: To Christians trying to find their
election footing
Daily Devotion: Idols in Our Hearts

"Peace and Safety" Then Sudden Destruction - By

Howard Green

No one knows the day or the hour of the Lord's return. Time after time,
people who have tried to pin point the day, month, or year...are proven
wrong. The Bible does instruct us to be ready for that day over and over
again. Some of the words or phrases it uses to warn us are: to be sober,
be alert, must also be ready, let us not sleep as others do, but let us
Many of these instructions are accompanied by descriptions of how
people will be asleep, drunk, eating, drinking, marrying, and even
scoffing about the Lord's return. The spiritual blindness that envelops
the world has them believing things will continue on as they have been.
In this article, we will view deteriorating global conditions through the
clear biblical lens that warns: People will say, "peace and safety," then
sudden destruction follows.
1 Thessalonians 5:1-6"Now concerning the times and the seasons,
brothers, you have no need to have anything written to you. For you
yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief
in the night. While people are saying, 'There is peace and security,' then
sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a
pregnant woman, and they will not escape. But you are not in darkness,
brothers, for that day to surprise you like a thief. For you are all children
of light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness.
So then let us not sleep, as others do, but let us keep awake and be
Sin, spiritual darkness, moral decay, and decadence have blinded many

of this world's inhabitants to the fact that a day of reckoning is coming.

This planet will see economic chaos, wars increase, natural disasters
mount, and evil unhinged on every side as history reaches its final
climax. The Bible warns us numerous times about how severe global
conditions will be prior to Jesus' return. I believe there are several
reasons for the Bible's warnings. One reason is the fact
that...understanding the perilous times we live in will motivate us to live
holy lives as believers.
2 Peter 3:11Since all these things are thus to be dissolved, what sort of
people ought you to be in lives of holiness and godliness, waiting for and
hastening the coming of the day of God...
Another primary reason for the Bible's warnings is the fact that a
majority of the people in this world are blind to the fact that Jesus is
coming soon and there are clear signs everywhere pointing to that
climatic event. A biblical understanding of the times we live in should
motivate every Christian to witness to others.
We have been commissioned to go into all the world and preach the
gospel. In my own heart, knowing that time is short creates a sense of
urgency to tell people about coming judgment and salvation through
Christ alone.
I can understand how people in the world are not discerning about the
perilous times in which we live, but what I cannot fathom is the deep
depth of apathy regarding Bible prophecy and the nearness of the Lord's
return. I see this widespread in the Church today. I have explained the
root cause of the last days apathy among many believers in detail in my
previous articles: "Is Bible Prophecy Relevant" (Part One and Two).
It's safe to say that many Christians are clueless about how current
geopolitical conditions point to the nearness of Jesus' return because
they don't study Bible prophecy or simply ignore it all together. That's a
shame because there are things happening all around us that point to
the fact that this world is growing darker, more volatile, and more
desperate with each passing day. Let's take a look at some of the news
from just the last few days to get a realistic view of current global
The situation in the Middle East is unstable on every side. Tensions are
rising in the region and Israel faces increased threats as never before:
Lt. Col. Steinberg, Commander of Battalion 931, said his forces do not
encounter Hezbollah on the border fence daily, but that didn't mean their

forces and 100,000 rockets were not there. A considerable risk remains
of an inadvertent conflict breaking out and escalating quickly. This could
begin with a Hezbollah response to IDF action, with Hezbollah moving
advanced missiles into southern Lebanon. -Jerusalem Post
Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah, are entrenched and empowered by the
presence of the Russian military in Syria. Iran has operators in both
Syria and Lebanon and their goal is long-term and united. Their ultimate
goal is to destroy the Jewish State. Both Iran and Hezbollah have free
reign in the region do continue gaining ground unimpeded, except for
the Israeli Lebanese border where the IDF keeps close tabs on
weapons shipments and has conducted airstrikes to stop weapons
convoys from being delivered into terrorists hands.
It is still unclear whether Russia has a plan on how its adventure in
Syria might end and if its new military assets on the ground, like the
modern fighters and S-400 anti-aircraft missiles will remain there. Given
this, it seems the longer the Russian military campaign in the region
lasts, the stronger Moscow's alliance with Iran, Hezbollah and possibly
Iraq will become. This alliance threatens strategic Israeli interests with
regard to Iran and Hezbollah. -Jerusalem Post
It remains unclear what role the Russians will play in the short term,
butEzekiel 38tells us that there will be a day when the Russian army will
lead a vast invasion from the North to plunder Israel.
The situation in the Asia-Pacific region could certainly boil over at any
Although I don't believe China or the United States desire a large scale
conflict, it may be inevitable. With all of the saber rattling in the region
and influx of weaponry into the contested South China Sea arena,
conflict may ensue by accident, miscalculation or calculated risk.
The Chinese military has deployed an advanced surface-to-air missile
system to one of its contested islands in the South China Sea according
to civilian satellite imagery exclusively obtained by Fox News, more
evidence that China is increasingly "militarizing" its islands in the South
China Sea and ramping up tensions in the region.
The imagery from ImageSat International (ISI) shows two batteries of
eight surface-to-air missile launchers as well as a radar system on
Woody Island, part of the Paracel Island chain in the South China Sea. It
is the same island chain where a U.S. Navy destroyer sailed close to
another contested island a few weeks ago. China at the time vowed

"consequences" for the action. Woody Island is also claimed by Taiwan

and by Vietnam.-Fox News
The United States and its allies including Taiwan, Japan, and the
Philippines all have a strategic interest regarding the "free passage" of
ships and aircraft in the South China Sea. China continues its military
build up to counter what it refers to as "continued aggression by certain
China has made massive military gains in size, scope, and
technologically advanced weapons systems. The latter is certainly due
in part to the PLA's theft of U.S. military data and classified information.
China's ultimate role in the end times remains to be seen, but with its
growing military's quite possible that it will have a major
part to play in the Armageddon campaign.
In just the past few months we had Ebola and now the Zika virus, and
other outbreaks that continue to increase with time. In many parts of
Africa and Asia, famine and drought dominate people who are
desperately hungry and thirsty.
Islamic terrorism is at the doorstep here in the West:
It seems as though people, especially here in the West...forget that the
threat of terrorism is very real and it possess a constant danger to
everyone everywhere. For the most part I believe people have their
heads buried in the sand when it comes to the dangers we face. The
lives of the rich and famous, the Kardashians, and the silly musings over
sports teams seem to dull memories of the bloodbath that terrorists
brought to Paris last November.
People forget about the beheading in Oklahoma, the murder and
injuries of Canadian military members in Ottawa or the shootings in a
Lindt Chocolate store in Sydney that left two innocent people dead and
several others injured. Islamic terrorism is a threat that cannot be
ignored, although many people including, Christians, seem lulled to
sleep by endless entertainment and complacency that mirrors the
sentiment..."peace and safety." Here is a recent report:
Top U.S. intelligence officials said Tuesday that ISIS was likely to
attempt direct attacks on the U.S. in the coming year and that the group
was infiltrating refugees escaping from Iraq and Syria to move across
borders. ISIS "will probably attempt to conduct additional attacks in
Europe, and attempt to direct attacks on the U.S. homeland in 2016," Lt.
Gen. Vincent Stewart, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency,
testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday.-CNN

I could devote entire articles to the dire economic situation facing the
world today. We are seeing signs of some sort of major market
correction, large scale crisis, or total collapse in the near future. In just
the past year we have seen the plunge of the markets in Asia and most
notably China, along with the tanking of the Russian Ruble oil markets
and their major players like OPEC, Venezuela, and Russia are all
dealing with the repercussions of the sinking oil prices.
People are rejoicing at the gas pump, but it seems as though much
more is at play, and only time will tell what desperate nations will do to
gain their economic footing.No one knows exactly where all this
economic news is heading and how things will play out. Many of the
best economic minds are warning that we are in for a tumultuous ride
and the end result could be catastrophic for the global economy.
A famed investor has warned that financial Armageddon is just around
the corner, and it's being fueled by moronic central bankers.
We're all going to pay a horrible price for the incompetence of these
central bankers. The Singapore based American investor said central
bankers are doing everything they can to prop up financial markets, but
it's all for naught. He predicts their unconventional monetary strategies
will lead to a stock market rally in the near future, but deep trouble later
this year and into 2017.
"This is going to be a disaster in the end," he said. "You should be very
worried and you should be prepared."-Jim Rogers interview by CNN.
In Revelation 13:16 ...the Bible tells us there will be a day when no one
can operate in the global economic system without the mark of the
beast. Make no mistake, this will be a system of worship. The Antichrist
will institute total global economic control by requiring everyone to take
the mark in order to buy and sell.
No one will be able to buy food, water, gasoline, electricity, medicine,
clothing, or anything without having the mark on their right hand or
forehead. This will be a time of total economic control. It brings the evil
or the Nazis and Stalin to mind.
The horrific and total control they wielded to oppress people is but a
foreshadowing and microcosm of what the Antichrist will bring on the
entire globe. We don't know for certain, but it isn't hard to believe that
we are seeing the very tip of the beginning of a global economic crisis
that will one-day result in total domination by the beast.

Revelation 13:16-18"Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich
and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the
forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is,
the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom:
let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for
it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.
Despite all of the economic woes, threats of terrorism, geopolitical
tension, and natural disasters, many people are still lulled, entertained,
or fooled into a sense of peace and safety. It is critical for every believer
to be ready to give others a reason for the hope we have in us with
gentleness and respect. As global conditions continue to deteriorate,
some people will be looking for answers and hope. We know the God
who gives hope.....not just when things begin to unravel, but for eternity!
If you are a Christian, it's not the time for apathy and business as usual.
It's time to be a bold witness for Jesus. If you don't know Jesus as your
Lord and Savior, you are in eternal danger. One day soon, the holy God
of the universe will send His Son to judge everyone. There are only two
possible outcomes you will face.
One is eternity in heaven with Jesus and unsurpassed joy. The other is
an eternity in hell without anyone to help you. It doesn't have to be that
way for you. Today is the day of salvation for anyone reading this article,
if you will repent and trust Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You can learn
more about what it means to follow Jesus and salvation by clicking: Are
You Saved.
Be alert, sober, and living holy even as much of the world is saying,
"peace and safety" then sudden destruction.
All for Him,

Christ at The Checkpoint 2016: Self-Inflicted

"Victimization" - Dan Calic

The fourth Christ at the Checkpoint conference is slated to take place
March 5 - 13 near Bethlehem.
For the unfamiliar this biennial event which began in 2010 brings
together several hundred Christians, including leaders, from around the
world primarily to proclaim the Arabs are victims of Israeli "occupation"
and "injustice."
The conference convenes under a banner of "peace, justice and
reconciliation." In reality the actual agenda is revisionist advocacy,
promoting Arab victimization, while ignoring, and in some cases overtly
rejecting what scripture says about Israel and the Jewish people.
They have taken replacement theology (supersessionism) to a more
baseless level. Replacement theology in its classic sense is the belief
that the Jews abrogated their covenants with God by not accepting
Jesus as Messiah and the result is the Church has replaced them in
God's plan.
A simple look at Romans 11:1 confirms that view is contrary to scripture.
Jesus and the Church are Arabic
However, the Arabs have gone a step further. Not only are the Jews out
as Gods Chosen, the Church as we know it, as well as Jesus have been
re-invented. Jesus is not Jewish, but an Arab as is the Church itself. I
wonder how many Christians worldwide are aware of this reinvention.
Rather than seeing Israel's miraculous rebirth in 1948 as fulfillment of
God's promises to the Jewish people, CATC rejects this view, and uses
the same terminology as the Muslims when referring to Israel , such as
"occupation," "apartheid state," "colonial," "racist," etc.
Let's consider the conference name - Christ at the Checkpoint. This is
meant to suggest that if Jesus was alive today he would be stopped at a
checkpoint (as most Arabs are due to their terror attacks against Israel).
He would be required to validate his identity to ensure he isn't a terrorist,
before being allowed entry into Israel. In essence they are implying
Jesus is one of them, and would be humiliated by Israeli security.

Let's unpack this a bit.

First off without getting into the theological differences between Jews
and Christians regarding Jesus, there are some incontrovertible facts
which are essential to this narrative. Jesus is a Jew. He was from the
Jewish tribe of Judah.
He was raised Jewish. When he taught he did so in synagogues on
Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath). He never spoke in 'Christian' churches
on Sunday. Why? There were no Christian churches when he was alive.
His message was for Jews. In fact what became known later as
"Christianity" actually began as part of Judaism.
Yet the Arabs have painted over these facts and stolen his actual
identity to promote a false revisionist agenda for their own gain.
Rewriting the Bible
However, they didn't stop there. In addition to making Jesus and the
origin of the Church both Arabic they altered scripture in order to
conform to their revisionist agenda. Consider the message given by
Jack Sara, the President of Bethlehem Bible College at the 2012
He quoted from Ezekiel chapter 37, which is commonly referred to as
the 'dry bones' prophesy.
To read the original text click here.
The hand of the Lord was on me and He brought me out by the Spirit of
the Lord and set me in the middle of the West Bank - Bethlehem, Jenin
and Salvit and Nablus and Ramallah. It was full of bones... .He asked
me 'Son of Man can these bones live? Can the Palestinian people live?'
Then He said to me prophesy to these bones and say to them dry bones
hear the word of the Lord."'...You see the Palestinian people were and
are a lot like this valley of dry bones that is in need of the Church to
come and prophesy life on them.
The text in italics is not in the Bible. Those words were inserted by Mr.
If one of the goals of CATC is "peace, justice and reconciliation," how is
it advanced by altering scripture? Moreover, how can reconciliation
between Arabs and Jews take place when the very words of the Jewish

scripture is altered in order to delegitimize them?

Fair Representation?
The organizers have also claimed to present a balanced view of conflict.
That would suggest having fair representation of pro-Israel perspectives
included among the guest speakers. Of the 34 speakers at the last
conference in 2014 two were pro-Israeli. 32 or 95% were not. As of this
writing not a single scheduled speaker at the upcoming conference is
pro-Israeli. This is balanced?
Examples of the leaders who have attended and promoted CATC
include Stephen Sizer, Vicar of Christ Church in England. His anti-Israel
sentiment runs so deep he has voluntarily appeared on Muslim TV.
Others include Sami Awad, Founder of the Holyland Trust who has been
quoted saying "nonviolence is not a substitute for the armed struggle..."
Many of the participants and organizers are also part of the World
Council of Churches, a Christian umbrella group claiming over
500,000,000 members from all mainstream denominations. The WCC is
strongly anti-Israel as evidenced by their Kairos Palestine Document.
Conference Manifesto
There are some eyebrow raising points in the CATC conference
manifesto :
- "Christians must understand the global context for the rise of extremist
Huh? Did they consult with Hamas or ISIS when they drew up their list?
- "Any exclusive claim to the land of the Bible in the name of God is not
in line with the teaching of scripture."
What? There are at least 170 references in the Bible about the land
being given to the Jews. Yet, CATC is saying if you are interested in
proving who the land was given to you are not allowed to use the Bible
to make your point. Are they serious? What 'Christian' dismisses the
Bible as a reference to prove a scriptural point?
In the 1960's Bob Dylan once sang "don't ask me nothing about nothing,
I just might tell you the truth."

Given how many facts have been flushed down the drain by the CATC
Christians, the last thing they appear interested in is the truth. If the goal
of the Arabs at CATC is to portray themselves as victims, it seems what
they are actually victims of is their own lies and hatred. Heaven help

Are the Jews of Today Really Descendants of

Abraham Who Should Inherit the Land? - By Adam
Eliyahu Berkowitz
"And He brought him forth abroad, and said: 'Look now toward heaven,
and count the stars, if thou be able to count them'; and He said unto
him: 'So shall thy seed be.' And he believed in the LORD; and He
counted it to him for righteousness. And He said unto him: 'I am the
LORD that brought thee out of Ur of the Chaldees, to give thee this land
to inherit it.'" - Genesis 15:5-7 (The Israel Bible)
There are those who claim that present day Jews are not the
descendants of the original Hebrews and therefore have no claim to the
land. This claim also discredits the idea that the modern State of Israel
could be part of the Messianic return, the ingathering of the exiles
predicted by the prophets. For those willing to listen to scientific proof,
this claim has been entirely discredited by recent studies in genetics.
Perhaps the strongest voice claiming the present day Jews settling in
Israel are not descended from the original Hebrews is Tel Aviv University
historian Shlomo Sand. In his international best-seller, The Invention of
the Jewish People (2008), he asserts that the Jews of today did not
originate in the Mediterranean and that a "nation-race" of Jews never
Jews today, he claims, share a common religion but not a common
ethnic background. His book argues that there is no evidence of the

expulsion of the Jews from ancient Israel, and therefore it never

happened, meaning that the diaspora is a modern invention.
He claims that Judaism was a religion which arose outside of Israel
based on massive conversions that continued until the rise of
Christianity in the fourth century and that most Jews today are the
descendants of people who lived elsewhere in the world, the products of
Sand equates the Jews' longing for Israel, what he calls "the mythical
Kingdom of David", with other European nationalist movements. The
significant difference according to Sand is that the holy land was to be
longed for but not lived in until the divinely sent Messiah arrives.
Sand's theory has becoming a lightning rod for controversy, attracting
criticism as well as high praise. His book received the "Prix Aujourd'hui"
in France and has been translated into more languages than any other
Israeli book. Haaretz called it a "success for Israel". Eric Hobsbawm, a
Jewish retired professor of history and fellow of the Royal Society of
Literature, selected Sand's book as one of his "Books of the Year" for
However, Professor Sand has also been criticized for his methodology
and how he relates to sources and physical evidence. In addition, he
admits that this area of history is not his expertise. But without a doubt,
the strongest objection to Sand's rebuttal of modern Jewish claims on
the land of Israel comes from recent developments in the area of
practical genetics.
In 2010, Harry Ostrer, a medical geneticist from the Albert Einstein
College of Medicine, published a study concluding that many
"geographically and culturally distant Jews still have more genes in
common than they do with non-Jews around them," and that such genes
were of "Levantine origin". Ostrer said, "I would hope that these
observations would put the idea that Jewishness is just a cultural
construct to rest."
Sand replied to the genetic study's refutation by saying, "Hitler would
certainly have been very pleased."
Breaking Israel News spoke to Bennett Greenspan about the genetic
aspect of Judaism and how it relates to the Jewish claim to the Land of
Israel. Greenspan founded Family Tree DNA, the first American
company to offer genealogical DNA testing directly to the general public,

and his conclusions are based on a database of hundreds of thousands

of genetic samples .
"On the Y-DNA test that tracks the paternal line, 75-85% of Jews have a
Semitic ancestry, that is to say they are from the Middle East. 'Semitic'
may also include Turkey and Northern Syria, going back 3,000 years,"
Greenspan explained.
He said that according to the genetic results, "I am a Jewish Arab. The
world has Christian Arabs, Muslim Arabs, and Jewish Arabs. The
difference is that 2,000 years ago, the Muslim Arabs didn't yet have a
religion, and the Jewish Arabs did. Our Temple was defiled, the Jews
revolted, and we got beat. The Jews were exiled from our land by the
superpower of the day."
"Shlomo Sand is wrong when he says that Jews are no more related to
other Jews in other places in the world than to Christians or Muslims,"
Greenspan stated unequivocally to Breaking Israel News. "The genetic
facts do not at all support that theory, and do support the opposite. The
genetic evidence is strikingly clear."
Sand's premise, even when he wrote the book, was outlandish to many
critics. His reason for taking such an untenable stance was that he
believed a common ethnic basis for Judaism "nourishes anti-Semitism".
However, by denying Jewish ethnicity in an attempt to prevent antiSemitism, Sand's thesis has become a battle cry for haters of Israel.
The creation of the modern State of Israel has once again made
Judaism a national identity and not just a religion limited to the
occasional visit to the synagogue. The scattered children of Abraham
have gathered together as an unmistakable result of God's covenant.
Science has proven this to be undeniably true.

Israel says Iran building terror network in Europe,

US - Menelaos Hadjicostis

Israel's defense minister on Wednesday accused Iran of building an
international terror network that includes "sleeper cells" that are
stockpiling arms, intelligence and operatives in order to strike on
command in places including Europe and the U.S.
Moshe Yaalon said Iran aims to destabilize the Middle East and other
parts of the world and is training, funding and arming "emissaries" to
spread a revolution. He said Tehran is the anchor of a "dangerous axis"
that includes Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Sanaa and other cities in the
"The Iranian regime through the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps is
building a complex terror infrastructure including sleeping cells that are
stockpiling arms, intelligence and operatives and are ready to act on
order including in Europe and America," Yaalon said after talks with his
Cypriot counterpart.
Israel considers Iran the biggest threat to the region, citing its support for
anti-Israel militant groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, and has been an
outspoken critic of the international nuclear deal with Iran.
The Israeli defense minister offered no direct evidence of such sleeper
cells existing in the U.S. or Europe, but referred indirectly to the case of
a Hezbollah member who was jailed in Cyprus last June following the
seizure of nine tons of a chemical compound that can be converted into
an explosive.
A Cypriot court sentenced Lebanese Canadian Hussein Massam
Abdallah to six years in prison after prosecutors said he admitted that
Hezbollah aimed to mount terrorist attacks against Israeli interests in
Cyprus using the ammonium nitrate that he had been ordered to guard
at the Larnaca home of another official of the Iranian-backed group.
Yaalon said Cypriot authorities had "defeated attempts by Hezbollah and
Iran to establish a terror infrastructure" on the island that aimed to
expand "throughout Europe."
Yaalon said that apart from the refugee crisis, the war in Syria has
resulted in "widespread infiltration by murderous, merciless terror
organizations" that belong to global jihad and are partly funded by Iran.
He said that requires western nations to counter attempts to carry out
"massive terror attacks."

Yaalon's trip to Cyprus was the first official visit by an Israeli defense
minister to the east Mediterranean island.


More than 2,500 years ago, God gave the prophet Ezekiel an
astonishing prophecy to give to the world, one that would be fulfilled in
"the latter days." Many Bible scholars feel that the prophesied events,
found in Ezekiel 38 and 39, could be fulfilled in the near future, and that
we might already be witnessing the stage being set and the actors being
moved into place, in light of current events happening in the Middle
East, right now.
In Ezekiel 38, Russia, Iran, and an alliance of Muslim nations invade

Israel due to a "hook placed in the mouth of Russia" to bring Russia

down to invade Israel. That hook could very well be the natural-gas
fields discovered off the coast of Israel or the more recent finding of
massive oil deposits in the Golan Heights.
With Russian and Iranian military forces now cooperating and engaging
in combat in Syria, just miles north of the border of Israel, people are
asking if these events are setting the stage for the fulfillment of what
Bible scholars call the "War of Gog & Magog" that is supposed to take
place in the End of Days?
Join us in this exciting new DVD as we examine Ezekiel 38 & 39 and the
infamous war of Gog & Magog, and compare it to today's headlines and
current events in the Middle East.

The Fate of Damascus and the Psalm 83 War

About the time of the end the biblical prophet Ezekiel tells of a future
invasion of Israel by a vast coalition of nations, known as the battle of
Gog and Magog, we find this in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. As we read
the headlines in the newspapers of today, and witness the conflicts in
the Middle East, it's not hard to imagine that this invasion prophesied
over 2600 years ago, could be fulfilled in the immediate future. Ezekiel
36-37 predicts a gathering of the Jews to the nation of Israel, which will
be followed by this massive invasion. For 19 centuries, the Jewish
people were scattered throughout the world, and until May 14, 1948,
there was no nation of Israel to invade. With the nation of Israel now a
reality, the stage seems set for the war that will usher in the tribulation
and the rise of the Antichrist; a war that will end with the destruction of
Israel's enemies by God Himself, and lead to the signing of a peace
treaty with the Antichrist.
As you read Ezekiel 38 and 39, it isn't just the creation of the nation of
Israel that makes this prophecy seem likely to be fulfilled in the near
future. The nations that God tells us will form this coalition against Israel
seem more likely now than perhaps ever before to form just such an
alliance." The leaders of this coalition will be Russia and Iran, and
currently both of these nations are right on Israel's doorstep, under the
pretense of battling ISIS in Syria. I believe that there are a couple of
unfulfilled prophecies that will lead-up to this massive invasion of Israel,
and as we read today's headlines, we find that the fulfillment of these
two prophesied events, could happen very soon!

The Fate of Damascus and the Psalm 83 War


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"CONVERGENCE of the End Time Signs" - Bible Prophecy fulfillment
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towards Armageddon, now more than ever we must be ready! We are
about to enter a time like no other time, a time that no man has ever
seen, a time like no other time in the history of this world, as a matter of
fact we are about to enter the end times. Since the dawn of mankind,
there have always been wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes,
famines, pestilences, disease, strange-weather and false Christ's just as
Jesus predicted. Fast forward nearly 2,000 years since Jesus made this
prediction, and you have today's headlines lining up exactly with the
Word of God. The big thing isn't that these events are happening today,
is that they are all happening at the very same time! Bible prophecy is
being fulfilled right before our very eyes. Fulfilled prophecy is increasing
in frequency and intensity just like birth pains, and Jesus said when you

see these know that I am near, even at the door.

All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible
Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the
predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently.
Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces,
including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural,
geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring
this world that's already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a
point of no return. "CONVERGENCE" brings it all together and will
clearly show where all this heading and what people need to do!

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Nearing Midnight: Supreme Court About to

Become a Kangaroo Court - Todd Strandberg
The sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is
devastating news to all who cherish the U. S. Constitution. When I saw
on Yahoo News the report of his passing, I equated it to the moment
American Airlines Flight 11 flew into the north tower of the World Trade
Center. In an instant, everything changed.
For the past several years, Justice Scalia has been part of a 5 to 4
majority that has blocked efforts to swing the Supreme Court toward a
leftist agenda. Without his vote, gun ownership would have been
abolished as an individual right, partial-birth abortion would now be legal
and funded by taxpayers, and the death penalty would be banned in all
but a few states.
Now that Obama has an opportunity to nominate someone to replace
Scalia, there is little doubt that he will choose a liberal to push the court
toward a liberal majority. Once that happens, the country we knew as
the United States of America will be over.
It has been suggested that since this is an election year, the Senate
should hold up any appointment until we have a new president. Since
the Senate is controlled by the Republicans, this should be their option.

A young Senator Obama was all for obstruction when Judge Samuel
Alito was nominated by President George W. Bush. He spoke boldly
about restraining executive power and respecting the Constitution's
checks and balances:
When it comes to how checks and balances in our system are supposed
to operate, the balance of power between the executive branch,
Congress, and the judiciary, Judge Alito consistently sides with the
notion that a president should not be constrained by either
Congressional acts, or the check of the judiciary. He believes in the
over-arching power of the president to engage in whatever policies the
president deems to be appropriate.
Now that Obama is president, he is shocked that the Senate would dare
to block any of his selections. The biggest hypocrite in this area would
have to be New York Senator Charles Schumer. He has been vocal in
his denunciations of Republican obstructionism. Schumer sang a very
different tune when he spoke at the July 2007 convention of the
American Constitution Society, months after the Democrats had
reclaimed the majority in the Senate:
"With the respect to the Supreme Court at least I will recommend to my
colleagues that we should not confirm any Bush nominee to the
Supreme Court, except in extraordinary circumstances."
The liberal media has total amnesia when it comes to the efforts of the
Democrats to use their Constitutional tools to defeat Republican
nominations. Right now, they are working to turn public opinion against
the Republicans by whining about how horrible it would be if we only
had eight Supreme Court Justices.
History is on the side of a GOP controlled Senate taking its sweet time
on the appointment of another Supreme Court justice. The longest
vacancy in the Supreme Court was 29 months when the Senate kept
rejecting President Tyler's choices.
With so much at stake, Conservatives should be declaring that they will
oppose any nominee that has the slightest hint of liberal bias.
Kentucky's Mitch McConnell, who in my mind is the worst Senate
majority leader in recent memory, always comes across like he is a
weak pushover.
He has already fumbled the nomination process. He knows the sitting
president has the right to fill the vacancy. Constitutionally there is no

time limit to this process. But McConnell foolishly showed his hand by
saying, "This vacancy should not be filled until we have a new
There is no way Obama is not going to jump on this opportunity to
appoint a liberal activist judge. McConnell's strategy to prevent the
appointment should have been done diplomatically in a manner that
would steadily delay the matter. Instead, he decided to go down a
strange road by stating Obama should not even have the opportunity to
make the replacement. He might as well have requested that Obama
step down from the presidency a year early.
I am amazed at how quickly our nation is unraveling. We have a
president acting like an autocrat, and a Supreme Court legislating law
from the bench. The members of Congress who should be keeping
these other branches in check are not fulfilling their promises to the
American people; the Republic which they have taken oaths to defend.
Another indication that something is wrong occurred with the South
Carolina Republican debate. I watched the highlights of the event, and I
couldn't believe my eyes. It was like a pie throwing fight from an old
Three Stooges movie. These men should be united in stopping Hillary
Clinton but they are so fixated on personal attacks, that we may soon be
facing our third Democratic presidency in a row.
The scariest thing is the lack of alarm about our predicament. A key
problem is we don't care enough about biblical values to fight for them.
People complained bitterly when they took prayer out of schools and
legalized abortion. After much of our medical field was socialized under
Obamacare, the outrage lasted only one election cycle. When the
Supreme Court said gay "marriage" is a Constitutional right, there was
barely a whimper from the Christian community.
Things are horribly bleak, but there is something positive about this point
in time. Jesus said He would come for His Bride right before the forces
of darkness are about to gain full-control of this world. We may be
responsible for the hold-up. Once we leave, Obama can put his buddy Al
Sharpton on the highest court of the land.
"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up
your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh" ( Luke 21:28).

100 Foot Asteroid Could Pass Earth 20 Times Closer Than the
Moon at 34,000 MPH On March 7th
- By Michael Snyder -
Did you know that a huge asteroid is scheduled to make a "close shave"
with our planet on March 7th? This asteroid is known as 2013 TX68,
and it is estimated to be anywhere from 80 to 170 feet in length. Most
news reports are saying that it is 100 feet long. Scientists are telling us
that they are not certain exactly how close this giant space rock will
come, and that is rather unsettling. They say that it could come within
roughly 1/20th the distance from the Earth to the moon, or that it could
pass by millions of miles away. Because the orbit of this huge asteroid
is unpredictable, they tell us that they don't really know what will
happen, but they insist that it will not hit us. If it does pass us at 1/20th
the distance from the Earth to the moon, that would be about half as far
up as many of our communications satellites. That would be incredibly
close, and many are wondering what may happen if our scientists are
just slightly off in their calculations.
This asteroid will be steamrolling along at 34,000 miles per hour, and it
is quite alarming that our best scientists cannot tell us accurately exactly
how close this asteroid will come. The following comes from NBC
An asteroid traveling about 34,000 miles per hour is expected to whiz
past Earth on March 7. Astronomers are confident the warehouse-sized
space rock will not impact the planet, but at the same time are not sure
exactly how close it will come.
"It could be as close as 20,000 miles or as far as 10 million miles, so it's
a pretty big window," astronomer Gerald McKeegan said.
I would definitely agree with McKeegan.
That is quite a big window.
Hopefully the experts are correct and it poses no threat to us. Because

just imagine how much damage a 100 foot rock could do if it was
dropped from space into a populated area at 34,000 miles an hour.
Here is an excerpt from a different news report about this incoming
This one, known as 2013 TX68, is larger than an 18-wheel tractor trailer
truck, and is expected to fly as close as 19,245 miles to Earth at 4:06
pm Pacific time on Monday, March 7. For comparison, that's less than
one-tenth as far as the moon is from Earth, or 238,900 miles.
"It's gonna be close. But it's going to miss us. There is nothing to worry
about," said Gerald McKeegan, an astronomer at Chabot Space and
Science Center in Oakland.
And of course the truth is that the Earth is being bombarded by objects
from space all the time. Approximately 40 tons of rock and dust hits our
planet each day, and the vast majority of it burns up in our atmosphere.
But there are thousands upon thousands of larger objects that do
present a significant threat to our civilization, and they are whizzing past
us all the time.
In fact, a meteor that nobody saw coming crashed into the Atlantic
Ocean back on February 6th. The following comes from the Daily Mail...
A huge fireball crashed into the Atlantic earlier this month - and went
almost unseen.
The event took place on February 6 at 14:00 UTC when a meteor
exploded in the air 620 miles (1,000km) off the coast of Brazil.
It released energy equivalent to 13,000 tons of TNT, which is the same
as the energy used in the first atomic weapon that leveled Hiroshima in
This was the largest event of its type since the February 2013 fireball
that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, leaving more than 1,600
people injured.
And of course nobody saw the very large asteroid that exploded over
Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013. That giant space rock exploded in the air,
destroying hundreds of buildings and injuring about a thousand people.
It has been estimated that it exploded with the force of 500,000 tons of
TNT. In other words, it was many times more powerful than the atomic

bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.

In addition, there was another very significant asteroid that nobody saw
coming in advance that barely missed our planet last March. Here is
more from the Daily Mail...
Last year, Brian Cox said we are at risk of being wiped out by asteroids and we're not taking the threat seriously.
'There is an asteroid with our name on it and it will hit us,' Professor Cox
told In fact, the Earth had a 'near-miss' only a few
months ago.
'We didn't see it,' says the 46-year-old. 'We saw it on the way out, but if
it had just been a bit further over it would have probably wiped us out.
These things happen.'
The bus-sized asteroid, named 2014 EC, came within 38,300
(61,637km) miles of Earth in March - around a sixth of the distance
between the moon and our planet.
If 2013 TX68 were to hit us, it would do far, far more damage than the
meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk did.
But NASA is telling us that there is no reason to be concerned. They
promise us that "no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in
the next several hundred years". So they assure us that we can all just
relax and quit wondering about the thousands of giant space rocks that
are hurtling toward us.
Meanwhile, NASA has established a "Planetary Defense Coordination
Office" that will be in charge of tracking giant space rocks and is working
to develop a way to destroy incoming asteroids using nuclear weapons.
So why is NASA going to so much effort and spending so much tax
money on these things if there is no threat?
Could it be possible that they know something that they aren't telling us?
Or is it what they don't know that scares them?
Without a doubt, I certainly hope that the scientists are correct and that
an asteroid is not going to hit us on March 7th.

But scientists also tell us that it is inevitable that someday there will be a
major impact.
When that time comes, will our scientists see the asteroid in advance?
And if they do, will they warn everyone, or will the government want to
keep things quiet so not to create panic?

Daily Jot: To Christians trying to find their election

footing - Bill Wilson -
Donald Trump's victories have left many Christians trying to determine
how or if they are going to vote. Many do not like what is considered
Trump's abrasive personality, others are questioning his commitment to
Christianity. In fact, many of the same back and forth reasoning's are
taking place about this election as in the past. Keep in mind that one of
the primary reasons we have had two terms of an Islamist Marxist as
"president" is due to Christians sitting out the election. Overspiritualizing this election can multiply the results of the past 10 years.
Sitting on the sidelines and allowing another "progressive" to hold the
oval office will have dire consequences. Forthcoming, is a hard word for
your consideration.
Some blame the choice of candidates for not wanting to vote. Frankly,
Christians have been disengaged in the candidate selection process
since the Reagan years, when we were very active locally in choosing
good candidates. Instead of seeking self-improvement inside the four
walls of the church, another route may be to engage outside the church
in our communities. This may result in having a say in the type of
candidate who runs for office. Notwithstanding, people may be wising up
to how candidates woo Christians at election time with nice
"Christianese" words, hoping upon hope that citizens will overlook their
ineptness in office. In the past it has worked. Maybe not this time.
Politico writes of the Nevada caucuses, "For the first time in the 2016
primary season, media entrance polls showed that a majority of voters,
57 percent of Nevada caucus-goers, said they were "angry" with the

federal government. And, as significantly, they want to bring in an

outsider to fix it. More than three in five caucus-goers said they favor
someone from outside the political establishment rather than a
candidate with political experience as president." Let us remember that
God uses whom he uses. Cyrus, for example, was open to God's plan
and was able to get things done that God's own people were unable to
do. That's not to say that its OK to choose evil over good when we have
the choice. But we do have a choice and as Christians we should
exercise that choice wisely. I know this is a hard word, I'm just the
Candidates who have spent their lives in politics, holding elective office,
are part of the problem. In reality, there has been no EFFECTIVE
opposition by any of the office-holding candidates to the things that
matter most to Christians. Lip service, yes. Effective action, no. So now,
when they want your vote, they come by with all sorts of evangelical
words designed to con your vote. Candidates say, for example, they
stood in the gap for God's plan of traditional marriage when, in reality,
they did nothing effective. They are not leadership quality if they couldn't
step out and truly stand on their convictions, but want to make you think
they did. Jesus said in Matthew 7:16, "Ye shall know them by their
fruits." Don't go by what they say. Look at what they've done, or just as
importantly, haven't done.

Daily Devotion: Idols in Our Hearts - Greg Laurie

"Son of man, these men have set up their idols in their hearts, and put
before them that which causes them to stumble into iniquity. Should I let
Myself be inquired of at all by them?" -Ezekiel 14:3
I find it interesting that the first two of the Ten Commandments deal with
the issue of other gods. The first commandment says, "You shall have
no other gods before Me" (Exodus 20:3), while the second
commandment says, "You shall not make for yourself a carved imageany likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth
beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down
to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God"

(verse 4).
Idols in our hearts can cause God to refuse to listen to our prayers. An
idol is anything (or anyone) that takes the place of God in our lives.
Clearly it can be a sinful thing. But it also can be a seemingly good
thing. For example, we can make an idol out of a career. There is
nothing wrong with a career, but if it is more important than God, then it
has become an idol. We can make an idol out of a relationship or out of
a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. If they are more important than
God, then they have become idols. We can make an idol out of money.
We can make an idol out of a possession. We can make an idol out of
just about anything. And if we have idols in our hearts, then God will not
hear us.
God said to the prophet Ezekiel, "Son of man, these men have set up
their idols in their hearts, and put before them that which causes them to
stumble into iniquity. Should I let Myself be inquired of at all by them?"
(Ezekiel 14:3).
We cannot have another god before the true and living God. Idols can
hinder our prayers.
Let's introduce our friends, family, and neighbors to the true and living
God. Let's tell them the Good News that there is freedom from idols, and
that it's is found in Jesus Christ.





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