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RBS6601/6201 CF 2A-69

SO CF I2A:69 - Cabinet Product Data Mismatch

Description The ability to keep a consistent product data view is lost and there is a mismatch between
configured data and unit-provided data. This alarm is raised if the configuration data does not match the
cabinet product data, stored internally in the RBS (in the SCU/SUP). The alarm is raised if the SCU is moved
from another RBS to this RBS, because the product data, stored in the SCU/SUP, does not match the original
data stored in the DU. Correct cabinet product data (PID) is not available for
this RBS. There is a risk that the RBS is not working correctly.
Action Follow the instructions below until the fault is resolved.
Add the values stated on the cabinet enclosure label to the IDB description.
If all the information enter correctly the alarm will cease.

. OMT---Configuration--- Hardware Info

Hardware Info selectRBS6201 0Run

Define RBS6201 0 HW Info

RBS6201 hardware information is on the bottom of the cabinet

OMT--Configuration-- Hardware Info

Hardware InfoRBS6601 0Run

RBS6601 hardware information at top of the MU