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1950s Society Presentation Notes

New Job Opportunities and the Spread of Wealth

Describe and give an example of a Blue Collar Job:
Why did these jobs decrease?
Describe and give an example of a White Collar Job:
Why did these types of jobs increase?
What were the effects of the increase in White Collar Jobs?
The Growth of Suburbia
What is Suburbia?
Why did it grow after WWII?
What was the Baby Boom?
What is the GI Bill?
How did these three things effect society?

Gender Roles in 1950s Society

What were the stereotypical expectations for women during the 1950s?

What were the stereotypical expectations for men during the 1950s?

Medical Advances of the 1950s

Who developed the Polio Vaccine?
Why was it so readily available?
How did it affect America and eventually the world?
Who fought for the distribution of Birth Control pills?
What organization did she start?
How did birth control affect America?
What type of surgery was developed in the 1950s?
What were the two heart inventions that helped save people from heart failure?
The deeper understanding of DNA led to . . . ?

Television and its Effects on Society

What were the first few broadcasting stations?

Give three examples of popular TV Show Genres?

Give three examples of popular TV Shows?

Give three effects on society?

1950s Car Culture

What did the Highway Act create?

What was the original purpose of the Highway Act?

How does the creation of an interstate effect America?

About how many people owned cars by the end of the 1950s?
What types of Businesses Developed because of the increased number of cars?

Name 3 specific businesses?

How do cars affect American Society?

Computers and Technological Advances

What was the first computer developed called and what was its purpose?
What inspired us to send our own satellites into Space?
How were planes improved during the 1950s?
What were the effects of all three of these developments?

Rock & Roll: The Changing Musical Landscape

What genres of music helped create Rock & Roll?

How and Why did Rock & Roll become popular?

What were some important effects of the popularization of Rock & Roll? (3 examples)

The Beat Movement and Literature of the 1950s

Define Generation Gap?

What are the characteristics of the Beat Movement?

What was the Beat movement in response to?

Who were some examples of artists or writers?

The Rise of the American Teen

What gave rise to teenage culture?

Describe the teen Square, The Rebel & The Beat stereotypes?

Why did teens decide to break away from cultural norms?

1950s Civil Rights

What was the Brown v. Board of Education case about?

Where did it happen?

Who was the lawyer?
What was the outcome?
What was the Montgomery Bus Boycott? What event inspired it?

How was MLK involved?

Who were the Little Rock 9? What did they do?

Describe the Civil Rights Act of 1957?