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Community Education Council for District 14 Department of Education of the City of New York Maria Farley Miran Lopez Ebony Edwards Brenna Freestone-Gilber. ‘Maureen Dantzler Presiéent 1 Vice President 2° Vow President FRecoraing Secretary "Treasurer Counc Members Deborah Feiner Roberto Portillo. Lourdes Antequera INFORMATIONAL PANEL ON TESTING / OPTING OUT/ REFUSING THE STATE TESTS Please join parents, teachers, and the Community Education Council for District 14 (CEC 14) for a panel discussion on Testing / Opting Out / Refusing the state tests. WHERE? PS84 Auditorium, 250 Berry Street, Brooklyn, (between Grand and Sst) WHEN? Monday, March 7th at 6pm. No RSVP necessary. Bring your questions and find out the following - What are “high stakes” tests and how are they different from other tests? - What happens if your child does not take the test? - Why are a growing number of parents refusing the tests? - Are there consequences to your children? Your teachers? Your School? - What are the recent changes to the State tests? ‘The CEC14 promotes information and discussion about testing and opting out, but does not endorse any side of the issue. This activity is organized by PARENTS... and is not sponsored by or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York Maria Farley CEC 14 President MFISb