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Thesis Research and Writing

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The Master thesis will focus on a real-world sustainability problem where a
sustainability analysis or sustainability assessment might contribute to a more
integrated approach for policymaking in the pursuit of sustainable development.
The thesis should be based on a scientific approach from sustainability science
and makes use of different methods for data collection, such as literature review,
case study, interviews, survey, modelling, et cetera. The Master thesis builds on
the knowledge, attitude and skills that you acquired during the programme.
Through your Master thesis you prove that you are competent to organize and
implement a piece of independent scientific research completely on your own.
The Thesis Research and Writing period is scheduled after the courses of the
Master programme. Its starting point is your thesis research proposal (SSP3011)
that has to be approved by your supervisors. During the research and writing
period you will be guided by your thesis supervisor in conducting scientific
research, such as searching and reproducing scientific literature, using different
methods for data collection, locating and using research data, performing data
analysis, scientific argumentation, and writing a scientific report. Halfway
through the research period you will present your research work, progress and
struggles to your fellow students and the thesis coordinator.
The aim of the Thesis Research and Writing period is that you publish a Master
thesis before the end of the academic year. The Master thesis will be assessed by
both your supervisors and you have to defend it during a plenary session for
your supervisors, fellow students, thesis coordinator, ICIS staff and others
interested in your research work. Please note that your supervisor will guide you,
but you are mainly responsible for your own thesis research and writing process.

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