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Names: Jamie Jackley_________________________________________ Period: _4th ______

Date: 2/24/16__________

Book Lesson Plan (39 Points)

Title (1 pt): Have You Filled A Bucket Today?
Author (1 pt): Carol McCloud
Illustrator (1 pt): David Messing
Theme/Moral (1 pt): Happiness
5. Story Stretchers: (Meaningful questions to ask when reading the story) (5

a. What was the boys name who is in the front page of the book?
b. Why did the kids like to make other people happy?
c. What do you think was the purpose in this book?

6. Choose and circle one of the following to design large group learning
activities for, then, on the back, describe the activities, in detail. (30 points)
Language Art

Creative Art


Large Motor/Physical


Social Studies

Name of Activity: (Ex.Creative

arts How a Seed Grows) (1 pt)
Length of Activity: (How long
will the children work on this
activity?) (1 pt)
Activity Objective: (What do
you want them to learn/practice?
Why? (2 pts)
Directions for
Caregiver/Teacher: Give at
least five detailed instructions
for the caregiver to prepare for
this activity. (5 pts)
Directions to Tell Preschooler:
Give at least five instructions
that the caregiver will have to
share with the preschooler, use
preschool-friendly language. (5
Objects Needed: (Identify at
least five objects/items that will
be in this activity, then explain
how children will use them. Ex.
Crayons, to draw and color
familiar faces.) (10 pts)
Concepts and Skills
Addressed: (Well designed
activities should address each
area of development, explain
how your activity will do this.)
(6 pts)
Physical: (2 pts)
Social-Emotional: (2

Intellectual: (2 pts)

Filling the bucket of happiness

15-30 mins

I want the kids to clean how to count and the orders for numbers.

I want the kids to learn on how to count because you need to know how to coun
and the numbers.
1. Get cheap plastic buckets from the dollar tree.
2. Get magnectic numbers the kids can put in the buckets.
3. Get sharpie the kids put their names on.
4. Crafting stuff to design the front of the buckets.
5. Than get hangers for the kids to hang their buckets on.

Grab one bucket.

Sit at a table with numbers on them.
Wait until I call a number off.
When I call the number off try your best to think what you think the

number looks like and put it in your bucket.

5. Than show me after everyones put a number in their bucket.

Numbers for counting.

Bucket to put the numbers in.
Crafting materials to design the front of your bucket.
Use sharpie to put your name on the front of the bucket.
Use hangers to hang up the buckets when done with activity.

Use motor skills because they will use their hands to grab

Happy to be doing this activity and working with others or not

happy because they dont want to do it.

Learn how to count and learn their numbers.